October 13, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

Week 13 in Almafuerte

Wow, this week passed so fast! It was by far the strangest week of my mission but it was super fun too!
So the first half of the week, I was in a trio with Elder Dwiggins and Elder Morales while we were waiting for the new wave of missionaries to come in. It was super fun and it made me miss my MTC trio a ton! Oh, and guess what? Elder Amasio is finally down here!!!!! I´m so freaking happy! He was my comp in the MTC but was a VISA waiter in Arizona, so I was pumped to hear that he made it down here!

We have many solid investigators but not one will come to church. It´s super frustrating but we just do all we can and hope for the best! We found an amazing family that is super interested in the Gospel so I´m hoping that we´ll be able to baptize them all! Unfortunately the parents aren´t married as usual so it´ll be a while for them, but they have so much potential!

The people here are so fascinated that I´m from the United States! The USA is like a dream for most people here so they always ask me questions about what it´s like to live there. We really are SOOOO lucky to live in the United States, it´s a huge blessing just to have nice homes and be financially secure!

So this week I went to my first Quinciñera!!! The girl was a member and wow, Argentine parties are super weird! We had food and then there was a dance, so the four of us elders just stood by the door and basically acted like security, haha. It was super fun though! We left the party around 1am (don´t worry, we had permission) and later we asked how long the party went to, and it ended at FIVE AM!!!! It´s ridiculous!!!

Also, we have been with the other Elders in Rio Tercero a lot this week and I am absolutely loving the new Gringo from Arizona that can´t speak a lick of Castellano! It has helped me to realize how far I have come and it´s a blast talking to him!

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday, it was a holiday so all stores were closed so we couldn´t write. Argentines are SUPER lazy, if there isn´t a holiday within 2 or 3 weeks, they create one. Holidays aren´t nearly as special here as they are in the USA but whatever.

Yesterday I watched the Best 2 Years for P-day and it made me realize that I can make an impact on everyone, even though I´m new. And watching that movie as a missionary is the best, it´s sooooo accurate! Sorry for the long email!!!! I hope everyone has a great week! Until next week, Ciao!

Elder Bushman

Other little notes he wrote to other emails I sent him.

I didn´t get the package, but I got your letter with all my friend´s emails in it! That was really nice!!!! Oh, and they have peanut butter here! I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich the other day with some members!!! It was awesome, it´s super hard to find but it´s possible!!!


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