September 24, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

Week 10 in Almafuerte

Hey Mom!!!!!
SO SORRY I DIDNT WRITE ON MONDAY, we left at 8:00 in the morning and got back super late and never had time so sorry about that! I won`t be able to have time to write a weekly email this week so I`ll just do that Monday, sorry!

I`m still working on the food. My biggest problem is finding ingredients. Apparently they don`t have brown sugar here in Argentina, weird huh? But guess what, THEY HAVE KINDER EGGS HERE! They are really expensive so I`ll never buy them, but I got one this week just for fun! They also don`t have little carrots in bags here, I`m really missing those as simple, healthy snacks!

Oh no!!!! That sounds horrible about your kidney stones, I`m so sorry!!!! I will be praying for you a ton and hope that you feel better, that really stinks! Just remember that Jesus Christ went through EXACTLY what you are going through + much worse, that always makes me feel better and humble!

The area I`m in right now, Almafuerte, is actually really safe so I don`t need to worry too much about being robbed or anything, so don`t worry about that! The actual city of Cordoba is much more dangerous, the missionaries aren`t even allowed to take their bags with them when they go out for the day, so I`m counting my blessings here!

Thanks for your email, I love hearing from you every week and it`s always the thing I anticipate most throughout the week. I think the more and more I`m out here, the longer I realize 2 years is and I miss you like crazy! I wish you could come down here and experience everything with me! For me, I`ve realized I absolutely HAVE to stay busy or else I`ll think about home and feel sad or just miss everything about home.

I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday too!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you or even give you a present but I`ll be praying for you! Take pictures and make sure to go out and do something fun! Hopefully your kidney stones don`t hurt! Have a great week! I`ll email you again on Monday! I love you!

Elder Bushman

Oh no!!!!!!! I was hoping all week that BYU would win on Saturday! That`s a tough blow! But I`m sure they`ll do better this week! So to answer your questions - my Ipod works great with my speakers, I`ve used my speakers a ton because they are wireless so I`m really happy I have those! I can`t figure out how to add the music my comp has onto my Ipod though, they don`t have Itunes down here... For Sunday meetings I go to priesthood, then teach Gospel Principles to 1 or 2 people, then participate in the sacrament, I love it! The food is good, I`m basically out of money for the week so I`ll be withdrawing money from my debit card sometime later this week, but I just need to buy ingredients so that we can actually cook things!
So everyone here felt the earthquake except us! We were out contacting and somehow we were the only ones that didn`t feel it! I was disappointed about that! haha.

If all else fails, just watch Freetown on Youtube, that`s what we did. I hope mom feels better! My shoes Thompson-something are my favorite ones, they are pretty worn down though... I will definitely need new ones later down the road, my other ones are really durable though so that`s good! All my shoes are constantly dirty though, it`s horrible! My p-days we usually watch a Disney movie and email, and go buy food and Grido (ice cream) and that`s about it. We always have FHE with families that night too which is fun! Anyway, I gotta go, my companion is in a hurry, sorry! I`ll email you on Monday! Have a great week! You`re in my prayers! Ciao!

Elder Bushman


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