September 8, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

Week 8

Buenos Tardes Familia y Amigos!

My first full week in Argentina was crazy but full of tons of good things! I`ll start with the food because it`s amazing here. So Dulce de Leche... I have no clue why we don`t have it in America because it`s SO GOOD. Here in Argentina, instead of Ice Cream trucks, they have Churro Wheelbarrows, but it`s the exact same song and they just go through every street. I decided to get some this week, and apparently the only price is 6 churros for 3 dollars (which I think is unreal!). I was expecting just normal churros but when I tried them, my mind was blown. Here they put Dulce de Leche in the middle hole of Churros and it makes them 1000x times better!!!! They are going to make me fat but it`s so worth it! Another thing they have here is Facturas, they are like Croissants, but with Dulce de Leche inside! I have about 2 or 3 a day, anytime we pass a Panaderia (which is often), I buy one! And they are so cheap too, it`s unreal!!!

This week the Zone Leaders called us because we are the most productive missionaries in the zone! Who knew! We have two main cities in our area, Almafuerte (where we live) and Embalse. We only go to Embalse every Friday because we have to take a bus or taxi over there and it`s expensive. Anyway, this week when we went over there, we found NINE new investigators and committed THREE new people to a fecha! (Baptismal date). It was so awesome to feel productive and see the Spirit guide us while we went contacting.

So here we have a huge enemy - Siesta. Every day between 1 and 5:30, they have Siesta which literally means Nap time. So it`s SUPER hard to contact during Siesta so we know when an investigator is "golden" when they agree to meet with us during Siesta haha.

This week we had waffles with one of the members in our little branch and I brought my Maple Syrup to have with it. They all think that it is the most strange, amazing thing ever because you can`t find it in Argentina haha. I can`t wait to show them Peanut Butter! So after we had pancakes last night with my syrup, we were riding our bikes back to the pension and it was pitch black outside (it gets dark here really early cuz it`s still winter) and then all of a sudden two guys on motorcycles came up to us and started talking to us (My companion told me later that they were swearing a ton and wanted to fight us but I had no clue and was trying to have a nice conversation with them haha). Anyway, apparently they wanted to rob us and my companion hurried and pulled off the road and knocked on a door so that we would avoid issues and luckily they drove off. At the time I had no idea what was going on but afterwards I was freaked out! So there`s my first time of ALMOST getting robbed! We had zone conference this week and guys were telling us that they have been robbed more than 5 times since they`ve been here so I have that to look forward to! :)

Last thing, so yesterday we had church! Turns out that my companion and I prepare and pass the sacrament, teach Sunday school and gospel doctrine, and usually give talks except this week was fast and testimony meeting (I bore my testimony and I`m pretty sure nobody understood me haha). Unfortunately, nobody that we committed to come to church showed up but we still have hope! The best news is that we have a baptism THIS SATURDAY!!! We got permission to do it in the lake so that`s gonna be so awesome! I can`t wait, this week is gonna be unreal!

I hope that everyone has a good week this week! I know that if you read your scriptures and pray for help that God will help you with whatever you need! ALWAYS TRUST IN HIM! I love this Gospel and love sharing it with people, even if they have no idea what I`m saying!
Hasta Luego,

Elder Bushman


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