August 31, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

My First Week in Argentina!


What an adventure this week has been, it has been absolutely crazy! Argentina is so different in many ways, but it`s just about exactly what I expected. First of all, thanks for everyone that sent me Birthday wishes, it was good to see all the support so thanks so much! It`s weird though, I don`t even care that it`s my birthday, it will be just like any ordinary day but it`s weird to think I`ll be 19!

Okay I`ll start with how my first few days went. We traveled for two days on planes until we got to Cordoba. It wasn`t too bad getting here because we had a huge group so nobody was worried about getting lost and the Mission office was really good about taking care of us. Our mission president and his wife picked us up from the airport and then we had dinner at their house, it was the first time I had empanadas and they were unreal! I have no clue why we don`t have them in America because they are SO GOOD! We also had some amazing ice cream from the mission president and I loved that too!
That night we stayed in a hotel. I learned one thing that night, if I ask for agua, they will give me a coke. Apparently Coke is huge here, it`s kinda weird. The next day we found out who our companions would be and we met all of the other trainers and that was really fun!

So my companion`s name is Elder Morales and he`s from Guatemala. He is native so he doesn`t speak ANY English! Sometimes it can be hard because he can`t explain to me how everything works and so I was completely confused for about 3 days and then I met my District Leader and he`s a gringo from Utah. THANK HEAVENS. So he taught me all about the differences between Argentina and America, how our money works, and things like that.

Before I came here, I heard about all the wild dogs I would see and I had a picture in my mind of what it would be like, but it`s nothing like what I thought. There`s a million dogs, like normal dogs that people in America have as pets, and it`s the saddest thing ever to see them starving and just lying in the streets. It`s the number one worst part of Argentina so far. It`s so sad!!!!

The food is way better than I thought it would be so I`m extremely happy about that! Here they cook their Spaghetti with steak in it and it`s so good. They also have stores called Grito`s EVERYWHERE and they are the same thing as Cold Stone so I`ll be spending all of my money there! haha. But going into it, food was my number 1 worry and so I`m glad I`ll be ok as far as my food.

My house is smaller than my living room at Heritage Halls and it`s super dirty but I`m getting used to it. One day we found a big cockroach on the floor and then we found that we had left a window open in our little bathroom. Then we looked up and there were a million baby cockroaches all over the ceiling and corners of the walls and they kept falling in our hair and it was straight-up nasty.

Another interesting thing we do here is "clap doors" instead of "knock doors." We`ve already been yelled at plenty of times but I can`t understand them so I think it`s fun! Oh, and we already have a baptismal date with a guy named Leonardo! And we got approval from our Branch President to baptize him in the lake instead of the font of the church.

I wish I could explain everything but that would be impossible. The last thing I`ll mention is that everyone here listens to American music, ESPECIALLY the 80`s so I enjoy that! We are also allowed to listen to Disney music so that`s really fun, we listen to it every morning and night. Here in Argentina you don`t have to pay for music like we do in America with iTunes, everything is free so I`ll be getting a lot of that. All the Elders I`ve met so far don`t follow the rules and they listen to Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Sam Smith, basically anything they want, even Skrillex. Also, all the Elders here sleep in instead of waking up at 6:30 and they just don`t think it`s that important to be exactly obedient so I`ll have to change that! :)

Sorry for the super long email but even in that, I didn`t fit in everything I wanted to! I wish all of you could experience what I am, it`s awesome! The mission is super hard but definitely worth it! I love you all and I`m so grateful for the support you give me!

Elder Bushman

p.s. He also sent me another email so I am including it because I thought it was interesting.

One thing about Argentina that I hate - NOBODY HAS TISSUES!!!! I still kind of have a cold and I just have to use toilet paper when I can to blow my nose. It`s annoying. I don`t have any time to write this week so I`m sorry but I`ll write you more next week! Here are a few things I didn`t mention in my weekly email. School for kids here is from 2-8 or 3-10 at night so everyone sleeps in, then has a big Lunch (we only have one meal a day, so at night we are always starving and make our own stuff). They also have Siesta here so they sleep for about 4 hours after lunch and the whole town is basically closed down. Also, the driving here is CRAZY, there are no lines on the streets and people go so fast! WE take Remis (taxis) a lot and it`s so fun, I love it! It`s definitely my kind of Driving!


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