August 26, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

I'm in my first area, Alma Fuerte!

Hola Padres!!!
I have arrived safely in Argentina! I have just barely unpacked and I'm in my new area! My area is called Alma Fuerte. It's 3 hours south of Cordoba. I'm writing in the chapel right now and it is tiny! The chapel is smaller than our kitchen! My companion said that we usually have 20 people at church. Luckily we live next door to the church so that´s really nice! My companion`s name is Elder Morales. He is a native from Guatemala. It`s kinda hard because he barely knows any English so it`s pretty hard to communicate, I use my dictionary A LOT! Argentina is just about what I expected, it`s pretty poor and the houses are very run down. We spent all day in the main city of Cordoba today and it`s pretty nice, not as nice as Salt Lake though. It reminds me of South Provo a lot. My house is super, super tiny so that`s kinda hard, especially after seeing the Mission Home and how nice it was, speaking of which, it`s RIGHT NEXT to the new temple! It`s awesome! In our area, we have two bikes so that will be really nice and it`s true, there are wild dogs EVERYWHERE! I showed my companion the dog dazer thing and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! haha. I`m just going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable but it`s just so dirty here. Before I unpacked, I cleaned my whole area because it was so gross. But luckily, my toilet flushes and I have a bed so I can`t complain. All my food got smashed on the way here but it will still taste the same :) I love you all and I can`t wait to hear from you on Monday (that`s my P-day). It will be an interesting week because I literally can`t understand a word anyone says. They don`t use their S`s and some people use a Sh for both ll`s and all r`s. It`s like a completely different language, it`s so weird. Anyway, I have to go prepare for bed. Hopefully I can sleep, we are working all day tomorrow and I`m kinda worried. Anyway, I gotta go! Adios!

Elder Bushman

P.S. I had empanadas for dinner at the mission home and they are amazing! We also had ice cream and that was unreal too!


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