July 18, 2015



Elder Amasio

First Week in the MTC


How is everyone? These first few days of the mission have been crazy! I feel like I'm already fluent en Espanol! haha. But really... We learn so much Spanish in the first couple of days! Before I left, everyone warned me about just surviving through the first week and I'll be fine but I feel like it's the opposite. My first week has been AMAZING!!!
First of all, I love the food! There are always so many options and the endless drinks are unreal! I go through about 10 glasses of chocolate milk every day!
I'm in a 3-sum so I have 2 companions, Elder Amasio and Elder Dow. Elder Amasio is from Orange County (close to Anaheim he says) and he played football in high school. He's a 280-pound polynesian and he's so sick! He's so kind and he gets really worried when Elder Dow or I leave his sight haha. It's funny, every day he sprays a ton of cologne all over and he always sees if we want some and everyone says no but I think it's pretty funny. But for a Polynesian, he barely eats anything! He's pretty shy and he has a long way to go with teaching and learning the language but I've already seen the gift of tongues really help him out! Elder Dow is from Heber City, and he played basketball in high school. So I have exactly what I wanted - not one but two companions that love sports! Elder Dow is our district leader and he's very good about pressuring everyone to be EXACTLY obedient. Like last night we went to bed at 10:32 and he kept saying how we need to be better at that. It can get annoying but it's good. Also, there is a kid in my district, Elder Peterson, that looks EXACTLY like Ryan Gosling. I feel like I'm looking at a celebrity every time I look at him!
Surprisingly, I haven't struggled with waking up at all. This sleep cycle is wonderful! Today for p-day we spent just about the whole day at the gym. It was unreal! Yesterday we played volleyball for gym time and it was amazing because the elders & sisters here can actually play! Usually it's a struggle to play volleyball but here it's bump-set-spike and it goes to each side at least 4 times each point! And Elder Amasio is hilarious when he plays it because he doesn't jump but he's amazing at spiking and everything!
Basically the MTC is WAY better than I thought it would be and I'm loving it here! The only downside is that they give us so much they want us to do but we don't have nearly enough time to do it so we just pick out priorities.
Okay last thing. Yesterday, our third day here, we had to teach a guy named Raul in all Spanish. We did our best to prepare what we could but while we were talking to him, we could all speak much better than ever before! It was the first time that I can remember of seeing the gift of tongues in action! It was so awesome!
Thank you for all the support and sorry for the long email!

Hasta Luego,
Elder Bushman


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