March 24, 2020


Marina Hills, Laguna Niguel


Elder White

One last effort

16 Mar 20
Well this P-day was interesting. Doctor's appointments, shopping, doing a whole lot of not much.
There were a lot of people at the store buying a lot of stuff. A less active member gave us a 30 pack of toilet paper, so now we don't have to buy any for six months. Doctor's appointment was interesting, switching medicine and all the joy that comes with that.

17 Mar 20
Well this morning was rough, but things were sorted. We taught a lesson to Bryn and clarified that the Trinity was indeed confusing and because it's confusing its wrong and God Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate and distinct beings.
Anyway things went from being fine to the world is ending. We meet a man who was waiting for his Marijuana to be delivered to his garage, he was cool, not interested but an interesting guy. All in person lessons or activities have been canceled and we used the second white board in our apartment to make a list of the restrictions COVID-19 has caused to missionary work. Basically now we just walk around and talk to people from 6 feet away and call people to have lessons. Expectations have been set that we can still find people to teach and we can teach more lessons than ever with our phones. We had a phone lesson with some members and it went well. For the most part things are kinda bad right now.

18 Mar 20
We had a zone meeting at 11am and learned that we must stay in our apartment unless we are going shopping or exercising. All of our lessons must be done over the phone and the sister training leaders couldn't give us a straight answer on if we are still trying to get people to church or if that is on hold until we can leave our apartments. Puts a bit of a damper on our goal of finding three new people to teach. The solution simply is to have faith and start on page one of the phone book. We had some lessons over the phone and they were good. We have a new app called Zoom, it is a conference call app. Elder White and I are doing lunch and Zoom now it's like Netflix and chill but we teach other missionaries and neither companionship eats lunch.

19 Mar 20
We had district council and Elder Lark the mission secretary gave us a training on how to make lesson plans. It was a very good training, and it was nice to see Elder Lark again. After district council I had withdrawals because I didn't take my second pill of prednisone, it was interesting rest of the day. The sisters that are quarantined went to the church to get wifi. They parked right infront of the door. It also rained then it was sunny then it rained and poured. We went back to the apartment to get my FIX. I took the pill then passed out on the couch for an hour and a half. Our lessons canceled, but we made up for them with two member lessons that we had over the phone. We went to the church and a member gave us stake sandwiches they were good.
We got a call from President Reeves and he informed Elder White and I that the the destroyer had not passed us by and we would be going the way of all the earth, in mission terms. Didn't give us an experation date but said it was soon. "Days not weeks." It was an interesting rest of the night.

20 Mar 20
Well Elder White showed me how to get on the internet by circumventing the restrictions on our phone, this secret will die with both of us because disobedient missionaries can not know it. We had interviews with the mission president and I told him about my new found knowledge and he said he already knew about it and the mission department was working on fixing it. After I informed my parents that my days were numbered. Then we had phone lessons with missionaries and a member and then called people in our area book, no one answered. I started packing.

21 Mar 20
Today we got more free food and started teaching someone it was a good day. We told the ward we were dying and started preparing the area for a white wash. (when both missionaries are replaced so there is no former knowledge of the area, starting fresh)

22 Mar 20
Well today was a nice day. It's still summer, well its kind-of spring because it rains from time to time. We had a lot of lessons with members and we called a lot of people. Ultimately the day reached its most exciting part when I received an email from the mission. My journey ends tomorrow. I think the most important thing I learned from my mission is that Jesus Christ lives and that his atonement enables all of us to be forgiven of our sins and find peace in this life. This was the best, hardest 13 months of my life. I learned a lot. Adieu.


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