March 16, 2020


Marina Hills, Laguna Niguel


Elder White

Probably the most interesting week thus far?

9 Mar 20
I swept the ceiling of our apartment and killed a few spiders, all in the name of cleaning. We went shopping, then went and played volleyball in a park that had many Canadian geese. It was fun, but P-day is very much so different when everyone but me and my companion are Sister Missionaries. We went tracting to end the night and found two people that said that we could come back. We think one of them is going to bash us. But that's okay, it's been awhile since I've heard about grace or Revelation 22:18. (edit from the end of the week - the guy we thought would bash us canceled)

10 Mar 20
We had zone conference, it was fun. Elder Whiting was great. We learned about being better and being more personable. It was good. We got a battery for our car keys, so now we are out of the stone age. We went finding and we got a return appointment.
Here's a picture of a light.

11 Mar 20
Today I got up and worked out, and was all ready for the day by 8am. It was nice. We went by some people and a lot where not home. We saw two cats and that is unusual. We helped some sisters with a service project and the person we helped gave us pie, it was good pie. We went tracting and met a lot of people. Tracting works better during day light hours. We set a return appointment which was nice because all of our lessons canceled. Elder White is sick, and all of this will pass. Patients is a virtue.

12 Mar 20
Today it rained and Elder White was still sick. We told the zone leaders and they freaked out, we called the nurse and she told us to stay in our apartment and rest. So we did phone work and we set up a lesson for next week. We found two people with interest and we had two lessons cancel. But we had a good lesson with a woman named Norma. Then we got the news that all church meeting are canceled until further notice, we will not be having any district activities, P-day activitys, district councils will be over video chat. So everything is upside down. We got a text from a companion ship of sisters in the district who wanted blessings. To sum it up they were pretty sure they had been exposed to COVID-19 and were panicking about that, they were also panicking over other stuff. To sum it up they got blessings and I still feel like I am not the best person for giving blessings. (I always feel inadequate) but God willing, everything works out for them.

13 Mar 20
Elder White is still sick, and my health persists. We did a lot of phone work today and then did weekly planning, so we didn't do a lot of prostilatizing. The zone leaders told us to go to the Stake center so we could plan with them and they didn't show up, so we did it without them. We went by a few people and taught a few lessons on the door step. We had a member lesson, and they have a referral brewing up, but now isn't the time to get it. The sisters we gave blessings to are now officially quarantined in their apartment for the next two weeks. I suspect we will be under suspect for the disease, but nothing has developed so far. Like I said, my health persists.

14 Mar 20
This morning we asked the sisters that got quarantined if they told the mission president that we gave them a blessing the night before they were quarantined. They said no so we ctexted President and he said "Thanks." So I guess we aren't getting quarantined. That's good. We did some walking and talked to a few people, but ultimately we were banking on the lessons we had set up. We had a lesson with a man we met yesterday. His name is Brian his friend named Michael was also there when we went over. We brought a member with us and we taught the Restoration and gave them each a restoration pamphlet and a copy of the Book of Mormon as well as a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We have a return appointment with both of them next week. Our dinner appointment canceled because of COVID-19 concerns and us being infected, so they gave us money instead. We used it to get burritos. We ran in to some members and they were surprised they let missionaries out while there is a pandemic. (or the absence there of) We had a member lesson and then called it a day.

15 Mar 20
Well I'm still not sick, still have my bike, members invited us over for dinner then they canceled because of COVID-19 or something. We had sacrament twice in two different homes. It was an interesting change, but enjoyable. We ate our dinner in the car with mutilated plastic bottles.
Only the finest here in California.

We had a member lesson that went well, we help them think of people they can help.
The rest of the night was spent filling out spreadsheets and calling people. Then a very long discussion about missionary work with Elder White that carried on late into the night.


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