March 9, 2020


Marina Hills, Laguna Niguel


Elder White

Tranfers and stuff

2 March 20
We spent the morning waiting for the zone leaders to tell us if they could take us to the mission office. They could, and we got to the mission office. I met Elder White, he and I have been out the same amount of time and we get along well, but the day was still stressful. I got my bike moved over and so that is a nice constant.

3 Mar 20
We did the usual things, I don't have to wear a bike helmet now so I started to wear my hat, now I feel like a cowboy. The area is so new and different, working through the day hour by hour. Trying to figure stuff out medically but I would say the stress is slowly going away. We had a lesson and it went well, I met two members already so we are off to a good start. While we were out tracting we found a lot of locked gates so we did what they do in Brazil. Clap very loudly at the house. No one answered. It was sad.

4 Mar 20
Today we got our tires rotated, it took a very long time. We had some good contacts while tracting but no takers. We got chili from a member who texted us and said that they had made chili and wanted us to have some, so we have chili and corn bread now. Mana from heaven.

5 Mar 20
We did studies, the zone leaders showed up and took one our bikes, but not my bike. Then we went to a lesson and that was just chaos but very productive, the Sheriff came, the woman was crying, the dog was barking, their cat was going nuts and the whole thing started and ended with a prayer, and the lady committed to coming to church on Sunday. We had lunch, then went by some people, and set up a return appointment. We had district council and then we found a person who accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and was open to come to church. We helped the zone leaders sort through their less active members and it was a good time. A very interesting day.

6 Mar 20
We were slow getting out of the apartment. We had a lesson with a lady and she was asking very good questions and the fellowshiper that she has had for the past 5 years said that this is the most engaged she has been. Don't remember much else because I'm writing this on Sunday.

7 Mar 20
We had a zone breakfast at the stake president's house. He fed us breakfast burritos and Doughnuts, we had a training on the importance of member work and how that is the most effective way to help people get baptized. We helped a lady move some stuff out of her house and garage, we got a box of cliff bars from it. We had a member dinner and I ate five hamburgers and that was an exceedingly great feast. We went finding with a members dog (this happened before dinner) we handed out one copy of the Book of Mormon and taught a man about the Book of Mormon. It was a success. The mission is on its head trying to figure out how to report numbers with the new standards for what constitutes a new person being taught. It's an interesting time.

8 Mar 20
Day light savings time ended, so we got up at 05:30 but it was actually 06:30. We went to church and the lady that we met on Thursday came to church with her kids. Her name is Bryn. We had some member lessons and dinner. A very long dinner, too long, but we had a good lesson. We met with the Bishop and they know people I know back in North Dakota, they also have a pretty decent referral cooking for us. This transfer is promising.
I feel that the theme of this week has been prayer. If we want something we should pray and ask God for help getting it, then do everything we can do, and trust that God will make our efforts enough. God wants to help us, but we must ask him and he will answer.


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