March 2, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Vento


24 Feb 20
We went shopping and had a P-day activity. It was fun but has left me sore in my legs. More drama is going on in the zone and transfers aren't helping anything. Now we have the speculation of missionaries predicting where other missionaries will go. It's a dreadful fact that is most degrading that missionaries can not set aside their differences and work together.

25 Feb 20
Well today started off on a low note. Heavy fog obscured our view of the ocean and the freeway. There wasn't much optimism in my thoughts concerning the future transfer. But the day was made better. Sore from P-day I rode my bike over hill and went to work and things got better. We went tracting and the Jehovah's witness' had already been there sometime in the day. So we moved a street down and tracted and found some soft return appointments. We saw another water creature as we contacted people down by the ocean. (I think it was a seal, but it can stay in the ocean and I'll stay on the land) We meet a lady who was nice and had taken her cat to the beach. She was not interested but the cat was interesting. Then we talked to a man who said that we were following a lie but it was kind of okay because we were doing good. His argument boiled down to if you think something is good then do it. He talked to us for a very long time, but he was mostly nice and we went our separate ways. We talked to some people at a park and they were nice. (their dogs are the key to all of it, they will tell you about their dog even if they don't want to stop and talk)

26 Feb 20
Today I think, marks a year of being in the mission field. (the MTC doesn't count) just like that day so long ago started with being sick, I was sick today. Not much got done today, but the sickness subsided by the end of the day, now Elder Vento has it. He will be fine. It was a hot day, probably because I had a fever. We did a lot of phone work and we found no one. Elder Olsen and Elder Serr came down to our apartment so our lesson with a child of record. Elder Serr got to baby sit me.

27 Feb 20
We had district council and helped Elder Olsen and Elder Serr with a service project. I bruised my hand trying to kill a bug but I hit a small rock instead. There was much pain but it went away. Elder Serr threw up and it was just an interesting experience. Later in the evening my hand started hurting again and I think it isn't broken but it ain't comfortable.

28 Feb 20
I think I'm having a flair with my Crohn's disease, so we called the nurse and jumped through the hoops and now we get to go buy Tylenol and pick up a prescription. The mission is good and all, but when it comes to my health it is not so great. We went to help a member in the ward next to ours move some things. I got the light stuff, because now I'm crippled. We got a doughnut for our labor and lunch money. We had a late lunch. We road back to the apartment and we did our weekly planning, then had dinner. Elder Vento still feels ill. We went finding and met a very interesting man on our way to a lesson, his name is Johnson he had questions worded in a way that was hard to understand so we gave him a law of chastity pamphlet and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, we wished him well and waved good bye to him and the 20 minutes we had spent talking with him. We had a lesson cancel and that was a rough time, we then had time to go tracting we talked to two people and we taught one lesson, he wasn't interested but you win and loose. We found a box of chips (mana from heaven) Elder Vento figued out how to bike and cary the box back to the apartment.

29 Feb 20
My new medicine is good at making it feel like I just got punched in the gut. But I'm living and can walk so there's not much to be sad about. My hand stopped hurting so now we are back to normal with the musculoskeletal system, digestive is a work in progress. I threw up, so nothing to out of the ordinary happened this transfer. We had a member dinner and it was nice.

1 March 20
We went to church and our ward mission leader brought someone with him who was interested in learning more. It was testimony meeting and it was a good one. I bore my testimony for the 6th time in this ward (congregation) but it was the last time. We finished weekly planning. It rained on us after our member dinner, so that was fun. I packed most of my stuff up and am getting ready to be transferred to the zone above our zone. I'll be companions with an elder that came out with me, it should be well. No more biking, so we'll see what happens to my bike. (it will probably stay with me, if I can help it) all in all it was a good transfer, the area is doing better than when I got to it and that's all that really matters. I'll plant the seed and break the ground, and water the plants that grow, but I am not yet a harvester.


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