February 17, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Vento

This is winter?

Day 369 02/10/20
Well we are back to having Elder Olsen and Elder Serr give us rides on P-day, the zone leaders and the new assistant to the President over ruled the last assistant to the president's orders that Elder Olsen and Elder Serr could not give us rides on P-day. So that was nice. We went and walked on the Jetty we tried catching crabs. In an attempt to catch one I lost my pen, and some passalong cards down the gaps in the rocks, but I successfully did not catch the crab. (sad times) A member fixed our bikes and Elder Vento and I were disobedient, because we had dinner with the member. They took us to McDonald's and we ate it as they drove us to our appointment we had with another lesson. Sorry. Our member lesson went about as well as we planned it to go, which is not at all. (well I have the year mark duck or duck giraffe, if that's the right thing to call it)

Day 370 02/11/20
We had interviews today, they went well we may finally get moved to an appointment in our area, but probably after this transfer. I don't think I'll be around for the move. After interviewings we worked our area and got bashed about not being able to smoke Marijuana. We went to the hilly part of our area and went tracting we met a born again. He said we were in the wrong religion and indirectly said that our relationship with Jesus was not valid. There's a lot that in this can of worms but we'll just let it go. We found two people to teach though. So after the trial comes the blessing. We saw a black widow.
It was interesting.

Day 371 12 Feb 20
Today was a day that was physicallyl exhausting. We biked to a members house and did some geneology with them, that was nice. It isn't hard to see why people do it. My bike is three gears low on the back gears so I biked around and it was more tiring than usual. We went tracting and met a lot of nice people some one was interested but we didn't set up a return appointment so no new person today. We helped a less active member move a mattress, it was a short service project, only about a minute or two. We had a member lesson and that was nice.

Day 372 13 Feb 20
Today we had district council, I gave a doctrinal discussion about faith. I didn't prepare anything for it, but it didn't burn to bad, only medium well. We went by a guy who told us to come back, he wasn't interested. We had a lesson with a couple we found tracting. It went alright, it was an interesting experience. More of a conversation than a lesson. We were able to confirm the address of two less active members. We went by the Salvation Army and Elder Vento bought some shoes, I got a book for $2 but I'll be mailing it home.

Day 373 13 Feb 20
We went on exchanges, I went to Elder Olsen's area with Elder Serr. It was fun, but it wasn't the most productive thing in the world. We cleaned their car, because it was dirty and they hadn't cleaned it in a long time. We had a lesson with a person they are teaching and it went well until the member they invited showed up half an hour late, taught some questionable things and then left. It was very interesting. We didn't do much in all honesty. I'm a pile. We had a member lesson and it also could have gone better. But Elder Vento and Elder Olsen had a great exchange and found a lot of people and set up many appointments.

Day 374 15 Feb 20
Today we planned for a long time. It was useful. We gave Ira a church tour, it went well and Ira said that he would plan on coming to church tomorrow. (I'm having a conflict about adding an exclamation point to the end of that sentence, you don't need to know this but know you do (I didn't add one, as you can tell)) we stopped teaching a lady, she found a church to go to and said she was fine. We ran out of butter so making grilled cheese was difficult, I decided to try mayo as a substitute. My conclusion is, butter is better. I read the old Testament specifically the book of exodus. I find it interesting that Moses responded to The Lord's call to deliver Isreal is one of doubt and fear. He was also scared of the snake his rod turned into, but believed the Lord to pick it back up. (Moses liked snakes after that) But I digress. Moses went and did and so did his brother. They did the things with the stick like throwing it at Pharaoh's feet and it became a snake and then it ate the sorcerer's snakes that were once sticks, or hitting a river and making it blood. What does this all mean? They had faith that the Lord would do what he said he would do when they did what he told them to do. We helped a member move a couch, they gave us oranges fresh from their tree. (isn't winter just the greatest) I think I also got a bit of the temporomandibular joint disorder. It won't be a problem.

Day 375 16 Feb 20
We had church. It was nice, we go to church and we talked about Isaiah. It was good. No one we were teaching came to church, it was a let down. We biked around, not much happened. We got a member dinner, and a member lesson, it was great. It's only bad if you think it was bad.


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