February 10, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Vento

This was an eventful week

Day 362 02/03/20
We went shopping. Then to a chiropractor. We did the cleaning and the laundry and P-day thing. We had a zone activitie and that was fun. Our lessons for the day canceled, nothing new there. We were however able to have a lesson with a member family.

Day 363 02/04/20
Today was an interesting day. I decided to say cat and heart to Elder Vento in Tagalog but I apparently said them both wrong. Elder Vento then went on to teach me that I had sworn in Spanish twice and once in Tagalog but I managed to also say rice cake in Tagalog, but the word for rice cake in Tagalog is a swear word in Spanish. So either way it doesn't help me as a missionary. We had two lessons today, that was good. We had dinner at subway. We had a member feed us for lunch. We went tracting and met a man that said we could come back next year. What joy for those missionaries. We had a member lesson, finally. I found twenty two cents today. Also I framed the drawing Elder Vento did of me.

Day 364 02/05/20
Today we went by the woman that lives in the other ward boundaries. Her name is Shelley, her dog was still crazy. We taught Shelley about faith. It was a very long lesson, the dog didn't help. We went by some potentials and set up return appointments. There was a boat in the ocean.
We had a member lesson. Little kids have yet to be reverent. Little demons. But they are innocent so they are pardoned.

Day 365 02/06/20
We had district council, Elder Vento gave a discussion about Hope. We have hope in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and we must have faith in Jesus Christ if we have hope in the atonement. Armando called us, apparently he met a lady who told him some anti (we aren't Mormon, so I guess... anti Jesus stuff?) He wanted to meet us, but then he told us not to come over anymore. It was a mess, long story short we are not going to visit him unless he calls us. Elder Vento and I biked around and whistled. Elder Vento is better at whistling than I am. We had dinner with Ira at a restaurant. He wants to meet again on Saturday. Very good. We had a member lesson.

Day 366 02/07/20
Today we biked to a guy we met tracting, he wasn't home. But his father was and he said they would be back in a few weeks. (as is the case, most of the time) we had weekly planning. We had lessons cancel. We worked out who would be teaching Shelley. It's us that get to teach her. (this conclusion brought to us by the mission president) we had a member lesson, and all was well in the world, if you don't look at the bad thins. We saw the ocean today and a giraffe.

Day 367 02/08/20
Well today was unusual. They trimmed the bush infront of our apartment giving us a more unobstructed view of the blueish gray abyss.
We got a ride to a zone out of our area for a baptism, we forgot to call the zone leaders and tell them that we were leaving. Somehow they found out and called us right when we got to the church building that the baptism was taking place at. We got a nice slap on the wrist for not telling them, and for not working our area for an hour before we left. But either way, we found a new person to teach from texting and calling people in our area book. The baptism happened, I got to fill the font. The mission president came to the baptism, he told me to smile if I was happy. (this took a self reflection on if I really was happy... I was). We got a ride back to our apartment, we told the zone leaders when we got back this time. We had our lesson with Ira fall through, so everything was normal. We got dinner with a member and that was nice.

Day 368 02/09/20
Today was the Sabbath, it was a fast Sunday (this means you skip two meals) so we were like the lost sheep in Dear to the heart of the shepherd, "hungry and helpless and cold" I'll add wet to that list, it rained. But we could still see the gray expanse, with our now new and improved view.
But it's just all gray. We tried to find some new people to teach.
But at the end of the day I still have a testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that I have experienced the healing and forgiveness of sins that come by asking for my sins to be forgiven. Like Isaiah says "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." The great thing is Christ didn't die for just me. He died for all of us and pays the price of our sins. 1 Timothy 2:6 "Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time."
We must choose to use his Atonement, and those that have faith in Christ will use that atonement and be saved from their sins. I know this to be true.


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