February 3, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Vento

Up the hills

Day 355 01/27/20
We went to a chiropractor, then got hair cuts from a member. We had two member lessons, one was very short and the other one was a normal half hour lesson. We went shopping at 4:00pm because no one would give us a ride before then.

Day 356 01/28/20
We had zone conference and I wrote a talk for it because we were supposed to. The first part I feel is bad but while studying Ether 1-3 I learned a lot about the importance of prayer and by our faith we can have our prayers answered. It reminded me that I often forget to pray, so I have been trying to do things without God and when I realize I can't then I'm humble and cry out. But if I just ask He will answer and give guidance. Anyway zone conference was good. I didn't have to give my talk. We had a lesson with Aron and Suzanne and they accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Day 357 01/29/20
It was sufficiently windy to make biking harder. But that's okay it can be windy today. "Because it's Wednesday!" Today we met three people. The first a man approached us and said that he wanted to talk to us. He said he was open to coming to church, but he also said that his life was going to be ruined because someone said he did something that he didn't do. We then were able to get in contact with a lady we had been trying to get in contact with. She didn't remember us, but we were able to help her move her recycling. Then we met the son of Brother Church who also approached us on the street. All I have to say is it was interesting. We are also helping an inactive member find his records, all he needs to do is tell us his address. We had lunch with a member. All our lessons today canceled, one rescheduled. But the ocean was still there. The alien landscape, so unfamiliar from home.
Our district leader got sick and so our exchange is postponed. So we suck it up and drive on. In other news our ward mission leader wants us to teach a lady that does not live in our area. The reason is she is completely active in our ward and has a calling, but she isn't a member. I don't know what to do. The sisters that cover the ward she lives in are both new missionaries who are training each other, so it's the blind leading the blind. I know from talking to the lady that the sisters have not taught her any of the lessons and they have been stopping by her for 3 months now. So we gave our ward mission leader the phone number for the sister's ward mission leader and have them decide who gets to teach the lady. All in all, a bad time.

Day 358 01/30/20
We had a lesson with the lady that lives outside of the ward boundaries. The dog she had took an unusual liking to me. It was a problem. Our lesson with Ira fell through because his mom said "no.". We had a lesson with Armando. Elder Serr and I went on a power hour. Our member lesson fell through and the members we texted din't text back or were busy. We went tracting and the first two doors were not the nicest people. But that's okay, we forgave them. It was a pretty good day.

Day 359 01/31/20
We are getting closer to the days where I can say I was a missionary a year ago. Today we biked a lot. It was a hot one a solid 70°F. We saw a Lamborghini. We had a member lesson and it didn't cancel and it was great. We gave a blessing to a lady that we used to teach. I don't much like giving blessings. I don't know if what I am saying is from the spirit or my own thoughts. Because I feel like it's just my thoughts.
Anyhow we had a lesson with a recent convert. We read the Book of Mormon with him.
It was a good day, a lot of hills but a good day.

Day 360 02/01/20
We biked a lot today. We helped a man weed. Thanks mom for making me slave away in the garden when I was young. We had lunch at Costco, because it was closer to where we were and I wasnt feeling like having subway four days in a row. We biked out of our area to deliver a Bible, it was a fun bike ride. We had a lesson with Armando, it could have gone better. We helped some people move and got dinner out of it. We sat in a park and updated records in area book in the dark. The park smelled like ramen. We baught a gallon of vanilla ice cream and some Popsicles, and a muffin pan. The ocean was still there today.

Day 361 02/02/20
Today was Stake conference. I fell asleep during it. No one came to church, which probably was a good thing looking back on it. Armando called us and told us he would not be able to come to church. But he set up a lesson for Tuesday with us. We found two people to teach. Despite a big sports game going on. We had a trial of faith for an hour and a half as we tried to find the second person. It was 18:40pm right in the middle of when the big game was on. We tried going by a few people and they either were not home or the were more interested in the game than in God. We eventually decided to stop by a person we had stopped teaching a month ago. When we stopped by they weren't home, but her daughter was. We were able to teach the daughter and we set up a return appointment for tomorrow night. The power of faith and prayers, like in Ether. A testimony building experience in faith. All in all this day was exhausting.


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