January 20, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Judd and Elder Ball

Another one bites the dust

Day 326 01/13/20
We played pickle ball and I went to a sock store twice because the missionaries I was with were all scared that they would get transferred and wouldn't be able to buy these specific socks anymore.

Day 327 01/14/20
I am very sure that my day count is messed up, it should be at 341. Today we had a lesson with a part member family. It's nice being with Elder Judd.

Day 342 01/15/20
We did a lot of street contacting, then had two lessons fall through. Area book and many of the apps on my phone were restricted because of something with the app that determines what apps are approved and what apps aren't approved. It fixed itself in the end. We had a lesson with Armando, the fellowshiper we had for him was late to the lesson but it was a great lesson that we were able to have. We exchanged companions again. Elder Judd went back to the zone leader area with Elder Marquez and Elder Wells. I got Elder Ball as a companion until the rest of the week.

Day 343 01/16/20
We had district council, we also had our apartment inspected today. We needed to do a better job cleaning the bathroom. I gave a discussion on faith in district council, the subject was on faith. It was an okay discussion. I had a doctor's appointment and so not much happened missionary wise this day. But we found two new people to teach. We set a goal of having three people come to church.

344 01/17/20
We had lessons fall through. We had a lesson with a member and he told us about a pattern in the Book of Mormon. It was very interesting, I'll tell you about it in person.

345 01/18/20
I woke up to my calf cramping, it was a pleasant experience in pain. We went by some people, they weren't home. We decided to take the bishop's dog on a walk and see if we. Could find more people to talk to that way. It might have worked if there were people out and about when we walked the dog. The dogs name is Montee, he is a English lab and is 3 years old. He is a big white dog. We gave a person who said we could come back a copy of the Book of Mormon and had a lesson with Ira. Ira was open to being baptized if he found the things we taught him to be true. We met a man who was doing archery with his son. He was nice and invited us to join them. In short we broke one of the arrows and we were not good at hitting the target. I started to get the hang of it at the end but Elder Ball started out good and then progressively got worse. We did some street contacting down by the beach. Not much came from that.

Day 346 01/19/20
Elder Ball and I decided to let Elder Marquez come into the area to say goodbye to members before he gets trans9to Escondido. I went with Elder Ball and Elder Wells into their area and Elder Judd stayed with Elder Marquez. It was a long day, no one came to church which was a sad thing. I would go on to say more but won't because it's not pertinent to me. In short Elder Ball and myself shouldn't have let Elder Marquez say goodbye.

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