January 6, 2020


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Marquez


Day 314 12/30/19
P-day, we went to the Outlet mall and it was a good time I guess, I was able to be with the district leader and not with my companion.

Day 315 12/31/19
This was probably the worst day of my mission not that the day itself was bad, but the night was a living hell. After getting back to our apartment Elder Marquez jokingly said he would murder me. I didn't think it was too funny, memories from high school and having death threats uttered to me on a daily basis flooded back into my mind. I called the district leader and told them what had happened, he said that he and one of the zone leaders would come over tomorrow to check on us. I then had a mental breakdown and spent a good bit of time weeping and feeling terrified. I called the district leader again and spoke with him for 7 minutes then went back to falling apart. I don't like falling apart so I grabbed a copy of the Book of Mormon and started reading 1 Nephi 3, I got halfway through the chapter and my feelings of terror and my emotions were soothed. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I stayed up till 1am not trusting myself to fall asleep. The frailty of being human.

Day 316 01/01/20
This day was awful too. I spent the majority of the morning staring at the wall and wondering what would happen when the district leader the zone leaders and an assistant to the President were all going to do when they came to check on Elder Marquez and myself. I forgave Elder Marquez. The leaders showed up around 10:30 and they were more focused on helping us find the faith to find in our area than on what had happened the night before, they did touch on it. But not really anything came of it. Afterwards we went out and worked.

Day 317 01/02/20
We had district council and Elder Marquez gave a discussion on being diligent. Ironic. We had a lesson with Ira and taught him the Restoration. I lost my companion while biking. I found him. This happenes more than it should, I don't know what to do about it.

Day 318 01/03/20
We went by a lady who had come to the interfaith Christmas concert. She was not interested. But she lives by our relief society president so we told the relief society president about the lady and she said she would introduce herself. We had weekly planning with our district leader, because our leaders don't trust an emotionally unstable missionary and his companion. Weekly planning went better than the last one did.
We met a man named Bruce who works at the DMV but lives in Huntington Beach and is meeting with the missionaries there and loves the church but doesn't want to join because he struggles with faith. He wants a tour of the church building we go to, so we gave him our phone number and asked him to give us a call when he can have a tour. We found a man named Kyle tracting and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he told us to come back tomorrow. We had a lesson with the Bishop's family and we read the testimony of Joseph Smith.

Day 319 01/04/20
We gave Kyle a copy of the Book of Mormon and taught him more about it. He said to give him a week or two before we come back again so he can read the Book of Mormon. We had another lesson with Ira and we went on splits with the district leader and his companion. I was with Elder Serr and we taught Ira the Plan of Salvation, we had one of our ward missionaries there with us. It was a nice lesson. Elder Marquez and Elder Olsen got bashed. I have come to the conclusion that I would be okay being transferred, but if not I'll go through another transfer with my companion. Sounds as enjoyable as being drenched in diesel.

Day 320 01/05/20
We had church and I shared my testimony that Jesus is our Savior and we can be forgiven for our sins. Still fascinating that testimony meeting is rarely about testimonys but just stories that people have, with some part of the gospel but they never share their testimony. We went back to the apartment and I studied. While my companion naped (we are piles). We went by Armando and he wasn't home. We went to our member dinner and we had an air soft war with their kids. I think it was against the rules, making us disobedient piles, but when Elder Marquez told the district leader the district leader didn't care to much about what we had done. We had a member lesson after. I learned that I'm speaking in church next week. Same topic but this time with a missionary focus.


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