December 30, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Marquez

We got knocked down, but we'll get up again

Day 307 12/23/19
Well it's P-day. This morning Elder Marquez light himself on fire. He was only on fire for less than a second. He is okay. We went shopping, we went to the Stake center and played some games. We called Armando to confirm our appointment for that night and he rescheduled for Thursday. We had a lesson with some members and they gave us hot chocolate and chocolate and cake. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.

Day 308 12/24/19
It does not feel like Christmas eve, or December for that matter. It feels like spring. Elder Marquez and I are going to try and get a new chair for Elder Serr because he broke his chair. I was reading in Genesis 4 and I delved a little depper into the institute Manuel for some understanding on Cain's often quoted line "Am I my brother's keeper?" the institute manual says "Sometimes this scripture is cited as evidence that each individual has a responsibility to love and care for his fellow men. Without question that responsibility is taught in the scriptures, but is that what Cain’s question really implies? The Hebrew word which is translated as “keeper” is shomer and means “a guard or custodian.” Thus, with typical Satanic deceitfulness, Cain’s question twisted a true principle. No man has the right to be a keeper of his brethren in the sense of becoming their guard or custodian (except as assigned by civil law to guard criminals or in the case of parents and young children). And yet, for Cain to imply that he should have no concern for his fellowman, especially his literal brother, is to deny all gospel principles of love and concern for others." the more you know. We piled, well we did a district activity we went to the San Clemente Pier.
That's about the only productive thing we did today. We had a dinner with some members, it was their Christmas eve party so there were more people than just them there. We didn't teach anything but we participated in their nativity that they did we were shepherds. Well a shepherd with only white robes, but it did the trick.
It doesn't feel like Christmas.

Day 309 12/25/19
I finished decorating our other tree.
It doesn't feel like Christmas. Only have to have one more Christmas that doesn't feel like Christmas. This Christmas was one of the hard days of the mission, its so different from what I'm used to. I felt so alone today. Thank you for the gifts that were sent. We were invited to a families Christmas party and it was good, but I was still sick from the dinner before so the joy was limited.

Day 310 12/26/19
Well I cleaned my desk and undecorated our tree. I have grown attached to the tree and I don't know what I will do when it reaches its predicted 25"-36" wide and 35"-60" tall. But right now it's not that big. I'll see how long I can cary it around with me. Also apparently it causes cancer, I guess.
As we were leaving the apartment to go have a lesson with Armondo I thought to myself how Elder Marquez was doing a good job at not crashing. Then on my right a car across the road turned left (the opposite direction we were going, also the cars were not the danger) and there was a Prius that almost hit it. It didn't. So all was well. In the world so I looked back to the sidewalk and saw elder Marquez tumbling off his bike and into the road. He was fine, he got distracted by the Prius ran into a bush and fell over. We taught a short lesson with Armondo and invited him to church again, he said he would come. We went tracting and asked the members on the street if they knew anyone that would be interested in the Gospel and we got a referral and they said we could come back! We will be going back on Saturday at 12pm and we will see if they are interested. Missionary work works better when we use the members.

Day 311 12/27/19
Well we got Elder Serr for most of the day. We went to his area to have a less and the lady rescheduled for tomorrow. We cleaned Elder Serr's apartment, it was very much so a mess. Then we went to our area and went by a person Elder Roberts and I found a month ago. We talked to the person's father and he said that the person we had talked to was not interested, but appreciated us stopping by. We went back for dinner and we didn't leave our apartment until 6pm. We were waiting for Elder Olsen to get back from his meeting. He got back around 5:30pm. I failed because we didn't get out of the apartment when we could have. We hung around in the apartment for another half an hour before we left. We went by Ray, a man who isn't interested but wanted to know about the culture in the church. He was still there and said he would be moving in 3 weeks. Then we cut our losses and went back to the apartment. We got there at 8pm. It's hard being a missionary. Especially when everyone you are supposed to be talking to doesn't want to be disturbed after the sun goes down. We were told by Elder Pearson back in September that missionary work does not die for November and December, this is true because of Light the world. But now that light the world is done. I suppose I have to take the blame for people choosing not to talk to us when it's dark. Because I'm responsible for the agency of others according to the leaders of the mission. If I do everything that can possibly be done to help someone come to church and they choose not to, it is my fault. This is probably one of the dumbest things I have heard while being on a mission. The leadership in the mission is only focused on numbers. So we have to find people to teach so the mission is focusing on finding people. This sounds good until you realize that they didn't find a person to teach. Here is how it goes, you start out with saying some obvious thing like God loves you, Jesus died for you, families can be together forever ext. Then because it's 5:30pm and it looks like the whitching hour out side the person says come back later. This means that on technical terms, a lesson was taught and the person said we could come back. Will you ever get back in contact with this person unlikely, but hey you got a number. This is also a wast of time. I don't need a teaching pool full of people that we aren't actually teaching.

Day 312 12/28/19
I ran a mile this morning. We did the usual morning routine, make breakfast shower get dressed in church clothes, study, plan. We went to our lesson that we had scheduled with Armondo for Saturday at 10am. He wasn't there. So we went by a Aman who said weekend mornings work best, he wasn't there either. So we went to the unofficial scheduled lesson we had with a guy we started teaching (not really) named Larry. He wasn't home either. So we talked to a lady that we saw working on her yard. The contact started out good but ended with her saying that the Book she never read leads people away from Jesus. I bore my testimony to her that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ and that it proves God's love for us and that Jesus Christ was the son of God. Then we walked away. We went by the bishop and told him we had no dinner appointments, so they gave us some food and gave us a ride back to our apartment. We did weekly planning (it was mostly an individual thing) and it was boaring. It's easy to plan on helping the people you are teaching when you don't have lessons with them. The plan is. Meet with them. After that we called a lot of people in our area book who only had phone numbers. I think only two answered. One said he wasn't interested, and the other said to call them back in 15 minutes. We did, she didn't answer, we called again a few hours later and it didn't ring it just went to voicemail. Woopdy-do. We had dinner with some members, we texted them and they said they could meet us at a restaurant. We had Mexican, no lesson was taught a failure on both of us. We went tracting and we talked to one person, everyone else abandoned the street and went out to dinner. We went back to the apartment at 7:30pm and not much has happened since. I don't know what to do, no one is out or wants to talk once the sun goes down. I guess the best shot is just talking to people by the way . Were it so easy.

Day 313 12/29/19
We rode our bikes to church. My legs are sore from our adventures from the previous day. Today we got the Book of Mormon Come, Follow Me. We went street contacting and we did not find anyone to teach, but our efforts were lacking. We had dinner with some members and had a lesson with some other members after the dinner. This week was not a good week, emotionally, physically, and missionary work wise.


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