December 23, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Marquez

Well, here you go

Day 300 12/16/19
P-day, I got a hair cut. No pictures so your going to have to take my word for it. I shipped a package home. A member took us to Costco and Costco is an interesting place. We have food, cutting to the point. It was an unusual P-day because we didn't do the normal, go shopping, go to the stake center, call home, go back to the apartment, have dinner. We were supposed to schedule appointments and it's hard to do that when the people you are scheduling with don't text or call back. So to sum it up we were supposed to set up an appointment with Habib and he told us to call him next week and set something up. Armondo didn't text us back. Randy hasn't responded to our voice mail yet. But we went tracting for the last 15 minutes of "sacred finding time" or as I call it "walking around in the dark". We found a man named Tony. He was the last door on the street. Tony let us in and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He enjoyed the lesson and we are meeting with him on Thursday to pass him off to the missionaries over the young single adult ward (ward=congregation) I would rather find people for other missionaries to teach than not find anyone.

Day 301 12/17/19
Its been a slow day. It's still June here in California, the beginning of June at least. I saw a homeless man that I know today. His name is Paul I talked about him in a former letter. Anyway he stands on the corner by a grocery store with his card board sign. He hasn't been there the past few weeks and I figured he had moved to another place, but he was back today. I stopped to talk to him and he asked me if I had researched the Nostic church yet and I told him I had not had access to a computer so I couldn't. Paul told me about a realization he had. He said that he finally figured out who God is. He said God is the Universe. I patiently waited for him to give me an explanation. Anyway God is not the Universe, he is our Father and he has a Glorified immortal body of flesh and bone. We didn't do much today. We went by a few members and went tracting. Tracting isn't the best finding but it's about all we got.

Day 302 12/18/19
We could see San Diego on our way down to zone conference. It is the gray blob.
We had zone conference it was different than most zone conferences, because there was a Christmas Devotional in it. We had a lesson (well we just shared the Christ Child video) with a member family.

Day 303 12/19/19
I stated my liquid diet and orange Jell-O and water are all I have to eat. We had breakfast with a member I got a Tupper ware to-go box from them. We had a lesson with the Zone leaders and passed Tony off to them. It was a good lesson. We have not been able to get in contact with anyone else we are teaching. We biked to the farthest corner of our area and went by two people out there. Both were not home but here are pictures of the trip.
I started the prep for my examination tomorrow, the prep stuff still tastes bad. I have drunk much water today.

Day 304 12/20/19
I think it's the eve of the shortest day of the year. Well I had a colonoscopy and now I have a headache it is 15:36. The findings are the crohn's has come back and there is more of it. Not pleasing news. We went to the BBQ place Tony works at and I ate my food and fineshed off Elder Marquez's and Elder Olsen's food. I threw it up later that night.

Day 305 12/21/19
So it's the shortest day of the year I think. The darkest day of the year. This morning was a hard morning, we got out of the apartment late we fixed the bikes and I was only seeing the flaws in Elder Marquez and I wondered how long 14 months really is. But as we went out and did the work, and talked to people the day got better. We met with a member who is a single mom and has sent their youngest son on a mission. They had some really cool experiences and I know that God works in our lives and is more involved in our lives than we realize. We met with Armondo and shared the Christ Child video with him and invited him to church and he said that he would plan on going. We got a real Christmas tree from the members we had dinner with.

Day 306 12/22/19
Today we put our gifts under the tree.
Armando came to church with his cousin and his daughter! We are making progress. In other news I have been asked to be the back up speaker for the sacrament meeting on the 29th and if I don't give a talk that day then I'm supposed to talk on the 26th of January. I'll let you read it when it's done. We were able to confirm the address of a referral we got, but he wasn't home when we went by. As fate would have it the referral we got is right across the street from Tony and when we pulled up to go by the referral, Tony was just getting home. He invited us in to read the Book of Mormon with him and we read the title page, the introduction, the testimony of Joseph Smith, and 1 Nephi 1. We told the YSA Elders that we had met with Tony, because we aren't going to poach. They thanked us and we went on with our day. We went by Brother Church's son who has questions, or so he says. Elder Marquez said he could answer all of his questions so we went over to set up an appointment. What was supposed to take a minute or so turned into a 15 minute bash. To sum it up he wants to destroy our testimonies. It was a waist of time. We had dinner with the ward mission leader and then went back to the apartment and I started to write my talk.


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