December 16, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Marquez

It's going better

Day 293 12/09/19
Well Elder Roberts got his stuff all packed and now we are waiting for the district leader to come take us to the mission office. 09:17.
We got Elder Marquez and left the mission office and have gone shopping its now 13:40. I think Elder Marquez and I will get along just fine. We had our lesson with Armondo and he felt the Spirit, especially during the first vision. We invited him to read 3 Nephi 11. This is shaping up to be a good transfer.

Day 294 12/10/19
We stopped teaching Robert, he just doesn't remember what we teach him.
We helped a recent convert move and then tried to find some new people to teach but we were unable to find any. We had a lesson with a member and they fed us cinnamon rolls.

Day 295 12/11/19
Well we helped the same recent convert move the rest of her stuff. I was able to aquire an item that is now in an extra large box. We also put up a Christmas tree in our apartment.
We had a lesson with Armondo and we read 3 Nephi 11 because he didn't read it. Armando said he was planning on coming to church this Sunday with us. We rescheduled our lesson with a man named Charles and we are going to be reading the Book of Mormon with him on Monday. Nothing really has changed, Elder Marquez is a good change from the mundane.

Day 296 12/12/19
We went with Elder Serr to a lesson but the person wasn't home so we went and talked to people by the way. We found a guy who lives in our area and said he would like us to stop by in a week or two. It's fall here in California, well it was fall in the park we were in.
We went to In-N-Out burger
We then went to Pedego and learned that they didn't have any brake pads for us. So we went to the Pedego in Irvine and they had ran out of brake pads that morning. So we waisted Elder Olsen and Elder Serr's miles and ended up with no brake pads. I put the brake pads back on the bikes (we took one off of each bike) and did some tuning with the front brakes on my bike so the one pad that wasn't as worn down would hit the rim of the bike first. The back brakes still have some life in them. We went by Dean and he was home. So we invited him to the interfaith Christmas concert and he said that he might be interested in going. We went by Habib again and were finally able to give him a triple combination (this is a book that has the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price all in one book) we set up a return appointment for tomorrow afternoon. We talked to one of the members of the Bishop prick and he helped us determine who was active or inactive in the housing Tract he lives in. So we got a lot of paper work done.

Day 297 12/13/19
We went to the Stake president's house and he fed us some breakfast Mexican food. It was nice to gather as a zone and to learn more about what they want us to be doing. I had a stomach ache most of the day. We had a lesson with a man named Habib. We invited Habib to read from the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. We helped set up for a toy drive at the church building we go to church at. It was a busy day but not a very productive day. As I have been decorating our tree I read Luke 5: 1-11 and Luke 6:12-16. In these chapters Jesus calls his deciples and in Luke 6 he lists all of them. Jesus didn't call the learned or rich to be his deciples he called some fishermen and other people who were of minor significance. But as they fallowed Jesus they became great. They preformed miracles and taught the Gospel and went on to shape the history of the world. This great achievement was made possible because they fallowed Jesus Christ. I know that when we fallow Jesus Christ and do what God wants us to do. God shapes our lives into something even better than we could do ourselves.

Day 298 12/14/19
We biked up some hills to go by a new family that moved into the ward. They were not home. Armando canceled the lesson we had for the afternoon. We finally got a triple combination for a lady who wants to learn more but won't commit to meet with us. We gave her the book and now future missionaries will get to go visit her. We had dinner with a member and we got pizza (also known as the bane of my intestines) but I had the fun experience of securing a to-go box to my bike.
We went to an interfaith Christmas concert at the stake center and it was a very good concert. We had to take it down after and got back to our apartment at 10pm or so.

Day 299 12/15/19
We saw a giant flock of seagulls.
We stopped by many people and they were not home. But two were. We went to church and that was nice. We had a dinner with members and they had a nativity party. I played a fun game with my self it was called try not to vomit. I was successful in my determination. Elder Marquez is also an EMT. Oh boy. This week was not the most productive missionary wise but we got a good bit of stuff done.


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