December 9, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts


Day 296 12/02/19
Well we went by Brother Church and spent the morning helping him. We went to the dump but didn't throw anything away, then went we got lunch and ate it at his house. We road our bikes back to the apartment. I ran off my bike. So a truck pulled into the driveway infront of me to turn around. I pulled on the front break and locked the front wheel up. I was talking to our district leader on the phone with my right hand, so the handle bars swung to my left. Some how my leg cleared the handle bars and I ran across the drive way and told our district leader "No, we don't have any sweaters for you.". When we went shopping I bought a door mat for our apartment, so now we have to door mats. We went to a guy we found tracting his name is John. He forgot we were coming over so he rescheduled for Wednesday. The insanity continues. I had companion ship study, and I realized I must get a better door approach than the ones I have been using so I worked on making those. I also committed myself to be more zealous in talking to people as we travel from place to place.

Day 287 12/03/19
There is a bruse on my knee and some other muscles in my leg are sore, so I suppose I didn't entirely clear the bike. We had a lesson with Robert and we taught him most of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he doesn't remember what we have been teaching him for the past month. He remembers us coming over but he doesn't remember what we teach or tell him to do.

Elder Roberts has got a cold now, I hope he gets well soon.

I have reached the conclusion that in life you either act or are acted upon. I also learned that the Topical Guide when looking up Sleep says see also Death; Health; Idleness; Laziness; and Slumber. I find it interesting that it only really talks about sleep as sleeping and healing twice and the rest is states of inaction. (except death, but the spirit world (at least paradise is) a state of rest.) I believe that God intends us to sleep for 8-9 hours and then DO something with the other 16 hours we are awake, besides loosing consciousness and doing nothing.

We went by Randy for our lesson we were late, he wasn't home. We went by some less actives to invite them to the ward Christmas party, only one was home, we taught her and her husband the Plan of Salvation, that's about as far as it went. We went by a person who said to come back and they weren't home. The insanity continues. We have been trying to help the ward get a grasp on the less active member in the ward so we have been stopping by and a lot of them have moved. We had 3 people say that we could come back while we tracted, from my experience this means not interested, but hopefully they actually want to learn. It's going to rain all day tomorrow so we shall see how that is. We talked to a Jehovah's witness and it was the same conversation that I have had with all Jehovah's witnesses. It is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting something to change. This is how I would define the past three months. But with the rain and the bike and the people, I AM NOT YET LIKE UNTO JOB. so i press on, as i have always had to do through my life. how much God loves me... for why is my life so refining.

Day 288 12/04/19
It rained. Well for the morning at least and while the rain was dumping on us I found joy in going by people we have gone by before and trying to get in contact with them. Only one was home a woman in her 90s who we had taught but she said she wasn't interested but appreciates us stopping by every now and again. It stopped raining and we were able to reschedule the lesson that fell through yesterday with Randy. We had two lessons cancel today and we met with Brother Church's son and he bashed but not a lot. He wants answers to some of the more controversial parts of the church's history. He also wants some theology made clear to him, but he isn't interested in coming back to church.
It's not so bad being a missionary. It's just boaring I feel, or at least right now it is. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that God has directed my life so that I can be out here right now. Thank you Joseph.

Day 289 12/05/19
Well our lovely district leader gave us a ride to district council, it was something. District council was good, we learned about charity (a fitting subject) after we helped the zone leaders with a move and we did not get back to our apartment until 16:00. So we had dinner and then went tracting and tried to get in contact with people who said that we could come back. We talked to one, and we have a lesson with them at 19:30 tomorrow. We have not found anyone new to teach and we haven't taught that many lessons. I am stressed with transfers coming up and the possibility of me being assigned to be a district leader or a zone leader is not a thought that sits well with me. We find out if we are moving on Saturday night, but that's what the mission is getting a lot of stress every 6 weeks. Only ten more of these moments of great stress.
I saw a boat that was massive, but really far away and the San Clemente Pier
There is a street in our area where it's all light up and festive, but my camera doesn't do so well in the dark.
Well I know that God can comfort us in times of trial and need. He will give us grace. Grace is the enabling power of Jesus Christ's Atonement and it gives us help and strength physically and heals us spiritual. I know that God provides a way for us to succeed and he will not abandon us.

Day 290 12/06/19
I have been doing this for 10 months. It feels exactly like it has been 10 months. In other news for today I broke the spout on the tube off while I was showing. I picked my right leg up and my heel hit the faucet and it snapped like a kit-Kat and here we are. So Elder Roberts and I will be putting in a maintenance request to fix that. It's shaping up to be an interesting day. We took the faucet in to the Leasing office and showed them the faucet and they said that they would fix it. The faucit was fixed, and we had a lesson with Robert and committed him to come to church. We also met with Debra and helped her decorate a punching tree, we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited her to the interfaith Christmas concert. We had weekly planning and we have identified two people we aren't teaching that we say we are so we are going to try to reach out to them and see if they really want to meet or if we can stop teaching them. It rained but we were inside for it. We went tracting and we didn't find people to teach. We talked to 5 people I think. Some wanted to play the come back later game, but directly telling them what we do and asking if they are interested stopped us from playing. We taught a man the Plan of Salvation or bits of it. He was more interested in church culture because he is moving to a neighborhood with a lot of members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We answered his questions. Elder Roberts moved some snails into a puddle.

Day 291 12/07/19
Today is the day we learn if we are getting transferred. I'm nervous and an event which I will tell you about added to the anxiety. We started the day like any other day I packed some stuff incase I get moved. I planned for the morning part of our day and asked Elder Roberts to plan the afternoon part. A great length of time later planning was done and we got our of the apartment at 10:28 we starred planning at 09:08. This is not okay. It should only take 30 minutes. We went all over our area we invited a less active member to the ward party (they didn't come) we learned that people moved and we learned that Robert isn't going to go to church because he forgot. We went by to talk to him and he looked at us through the peep hole and then walked away from the door. We will stop teaching him next week. We finally got back in contact with Armondo, he was upset with us because we didn't show up last Friday. He said that he got our text and phone calls but he didn't respond to them. We rescheduled for Monday, and then told him about transferring and how we don't know if we will be here for Monday. He said that if they moved us he would not let the other missionaries in. He likes me more than Elder Roberts, probably because I was there when we first found him on an exchange in the district leader's area. So if I leave who knows what will happen with him. This is a cause for the anxiety, we also don't know if he is interested but he is reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully something good comes of all this. We invited some to the ward Christmas party, and invited some to the interfaith Christmas concert. No one we invited came to the ward party. It was an interesting ward party that had tacos, it was very good. We talked to members we needed to talk to. Now we are waiting for transfers 20:37. 21:23 we still do not know. I am staying and Elder Roberts is leaving. I am now a senior companion officially. I am going to be with an Elder Marquez.

Day 292 12/08/19
We went to church and met with all the ward missionaries and ward mission leader. After the normal church stuff of course. We stopped by a lot of people and a lot of people weren't home. We stopped teaching two people and Robert is next. We talked to a less active member and invited them to the Interfaith Christmas concert that's going on next week. We saw a very large group of seagulls.
We watched the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Christmas Devotional at a members house and then had dinner with them. We got there at 5pm and didn't leave till 8pm, we did not share a message with the family. I am a bad missionary. Area book says we found a new person to teach this week but no new people are in our teaching pool, we only taught 9 lessons this entire week, most of those were just door approaches! I feel like I can't do everything, I feel that my companion isn't doing anything. I feel humbled. I am going to say this plane and clear. A mission is hard, and it's even harder when you don't get along with your companion. If I were not called by God to this work I would back out.

But I am here I am getting a new companion and I will just need to be better.
Serve a mission. Were it so easy.


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