November 21, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts

Later than usual, but here it is

Day 275 11/11/19
We did the usual P-day stuff. Shopping, laundry, socializing. We went to Five guys, some friends of Elder Serr's mom were there and they paid for our lunch. We got more copies of the Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlets but left them in Elder Olsen's and Elder Serr's car. We ended the night with a member lesson.

Day 276 11/12/19
We had a lesson with Robert, we read 3 Nephi 11 with him and at the end of it Robert said that he knew it was true. The first time this has ever happened in the history of my mission, its exciting. We invited many people to the church tour. We introduced a lady we found to a member family that lives on her street, we have a lesson with her at the members house on Thursday.

Day 277 11/13/19
Well I must say today was an eventful day, I almost ran into a man coming around a corner on my bike. I didn't but there are some new skid marks on the sidewalk. I also put the wheel that was flat back on our spare bike after I patched the tube. It reminded me of changing car and semi tires, but not as hard. We taught a lesson to a man missionaries had formerly gone by. He was willing to listen to us but not ready to have a "Bible study" as he put it. We saw some ducks,
We only got yelled at twice today. I would like to reaffirm that the Book of Mormon is still true. I know, and I have been given a witness by the Spirit of God that it is, and I can not deny it.

Day 278 11/14/19
We had district council, they were cleaning the carpet in the church building so we had it outside with a nice view of almost the ocean.
I gave a discussion on the doctrin of the first few points of the Restoration. Then discovered that we have a mouse in our apartment. It's been an eventful day, it's only 13:18. We had a lesson with a member, we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. We bout mouse traps, so we won't have any pets. We saw whatever this statue is on our way back to the apartment.
We had a lesson with Sofia, we had the lesson in a members home and it went well. Sofia and the members talked a lot but that's good. We found a new person to teach but they are going to France for a week so we get to wait on that. I know that God wants to bless us, and we can get more blessings as we keep the Comandments and do things. I know that God loves us and we YOU, and I are both his children and he loves us more than we can imagine. Isn't it nice knowing that we are heirs to a God.

Day 279 11/15/19
Today...was a great day. We had a lesson with Robert, he didn't read Moroni 8 and we invited him to read it again. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invited him to pray about the Book of Mormon and to ponder baptism. We had weekly planning which went on and on. For finding we didn't talk to anyone (because no one was home), but after. Oh, after we got to go to the Temple to support a recent convert as they did proxy baptisms. President Reeves was there too and he said that the Destroying angel has passed me by, what a wonderful day! Elder Roberts and I were the witnesses to the baptisms and we confirmed them after. I also read in Moses 1:18-22. It was fascinating. With God we will not fear.

Day 280 11/16/19
It's Saturday, I have developed a runny nose and a cough. We had a lesson with Robert and he said that he couldn't come to the church tour, he also said he didn't want to go to church with us. We read the Restoration pamphlet with him. We only got through half of it because we had another lesson to go to. At the other lesson we shared the Restoration, our lesson was with a part member family. The non member said he had questions but he would tell us them at a future meeting. We had our church tour and two people came. Elder Roberts and Elder Mattson, we gave ourselves the tour so we would have some practice giving them in the future. We helped a man move some stuff around his house, sheepskin seat covers. He told us to come back and help him move everything out of the house. We will go back on Tuesday. After that we had a lesson with some members who are missionaries for the Church's educational groups. They took us out to eat pizza. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they were both converts so we got to hear from a non member side what is so appealing about the Plan of Salvation. The common answer was that there was a plan, that we aren't just here for whatever reason. I know that God has a plan for each one of us, and it is up to us to choose to follow that plan. Today was a good day, some how. I also took a picture with one of my companions. (this has never happened before)

Day 281 11/17/19
I have a sore throat, and a bit of a cough, I think it's getting better. We finished teaching a recent convert all the lessons, it's sad... Now we can't meet with them anymore. The ocean was silver.
We taught the Restoration to a family that fed us dinner. It went well. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, I know that Jesus Christ personally took upon himself all of our sins and anguishes, so we can return to live with God again


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