November 11, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts

It's still summer

Day 268 11/04/19
We went shopping and then went to Mission Viejo for a doctor's appointment.

Day 269 11/05/19
We biked a long way to the other side of our area. We went by a former who wants us to tell him the date of the second coming of Christ.
It was a hot day. We had a lesson with a family from the ward to end the day.

Day 270 11/06/19
I went and got my blood drawn. Then we went to zone conference. Elder Stones name is still on a brick in the church.
Anyway at Zone conference we learned that it is important to listen to the spirit and to teach by it.

Day 271 11/07/19
We went on exchanges the district leader, Elder Olsen came with me into our area. He's from Rexburg Idaho. Not much happened, we went by some people that we tracted into last night and they weren't interested. It's a miracle that they were home to tell us this the first time. We tracted an apartment complex, we got some return appointments, very exciting. We also had two lessons cancel, great times.

Day 272 11/08/19
I've been out for nine months now, well it happened two days ago but whose keeping track. We planned for the week. Then went by some people, and invited them to a church tour on Saturday not tomorrow, but next one. We found a new person to teach. So we met our goal for finding for the week. Now people need to come to church, which is a hard one. We scheduled two lessons at the same time on next Tuesday, so we get to sort that out. I know that God loves us, and he wants us to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is why he has called a prophet in the modern day so we aren't wandering trying to find it.

Day 273 11/09/19
Well we went by a lot of people today and had a lesson fall through, and it was hot. But we have this great expanse of water.
We also saw a cat.
We went by a person 4 times but they weren't home each time. Their dogs were very energetic to see us.

Day 274 11/10/19
We went to church, it was good. We taught a recent convert the Restoration, the recent convert (his name is Ken) said that from the first time he talked to the missionaries he just new it was true. It was very uplifting to hear that there are people who will listen. We just have to find them first. We had another lesson with a recent convert we talked about family history. The primary program was also today. I know that I am a child of God. I am his son and he loves me. He loves all of us, because we are God's literal children.


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