October 28, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts

Well here we are

Day 254 10/21/19
Transfers were today. Elder Roberts and I are still together. This time for 7 weeks, hopefully. We went to a nursing home to teach a person who was referred to us. We ended up teaching him a little about the Plan of Salvation we gave him a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. We had lunch with a member that was also in the nursing home. P-day was good, interesting, but good.

Day 255 10/22/19
We had a lesson with the guy in the nursing home. We taught the Plan of Salvation he liked it. His name is Robert. We invited him to Church and he said he would love to come.
We looked at an island that was 62 miles away from us.
But my phone can't see that far.
We saw a hummingbird too. We talked to a lady who is now an inactive member. She was nice, It was sad. Biked up a lot of hills. Like in life we go up hills and down hills. We grow stronger from it.

Day 256 10/23/19
We got a text asking if we could take another missionary with us for a few hours tomorrow. We said yes. We used the car today, way faster than bikes. We got free food from two members and then we went tracting and we were able to teach 4 doorstep lessons. Hand out 2 pamphlets and a Copy of the Book of Mormon. We have two return appointments. One for Friday night and one for Saturday night.

257 10/24/19
The missionary that got to be with us till noon was Elder Serr. His companion is a new district leader and had to go to a meeting. We took Elder Serr and a member with us to teach Robert. We taught the Restoration and Robert liked it. Elder Roberts invited him to be baptized and he said he had already been baptized. It was good, the member and Robert get along well, and the member invited Robert to play golf with him on Monday. We walked down a steep hill, it was hot.

Day 258 10/25/19
Reading over the first few weekly emails I realized I skipped a day back in May so my day count is off by 1 or more. Today we used the car because the weather is in the high 80's and that's just not right. I put my hat on, because the sun is a deadly laser.
Today was a hard day, mentally. It feels longer than all the other days. The assistants called us. I immediately thought I was in trouble or was going home, the way they started the conversation didn't help either. The assistant said. "I am so so sorry Elders... but we are going to take your car." (someone needs a car in their area because they can't bike anymore because they are injured) so it wasn't about anything I had done or to end my life as a missionary. At least it will be in the 70's from now on. Missionary work is hard, it is stressful and all around its not fun. But some how when you do it, it makes you so happy.

Day 259 10/26/19
We gave our car to the missionaries who needed it. Now we are full time bike. This morning was a rough one, I'm having a hard time looking past things that Elder Roberts does that annoy me. But I've gotten over it. We went by people who had expressed interest in the past. Not much happened.

Day 260 10/27/19
We went to church. Robert wasn't there, the member that was supposed to pick him up, Said that he called Robert but Robert didn't answer. We went by former people with interest. We talked to a few, they still weren't interested. I got to hold a bird today.
We are getting along pretty good it's really slow going, but then again everywhere has been like that. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Jesus lives and he died so we can return to live with God.


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