October 7, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts

more steps

Day 233 9/30/19
It was boaring, but the assistants to the President showed up for a bit to say "hi".

Day 234 10/01/19
We had interviews with the Mission President. President Reeves was focuseding on what kind of missionary are we. Are we average (we do missionary work but stay in our comfort zone, which robs us of what God is trying to teach us) or are we exactly obedient (concecrated, willing to sacrifice anything that holds them back from being the best missionary we can be) The rest of the day was un eventful but we had a member text us and set up a member appointment after our planned lesson fell through. We discovered that the back wheel of one of our bikes is now wobbly and now makes the back breaks permanently applied. I tried to fix the bikes but made one worse and made a mess.

Day 235 10/02/19
We took the bikes to be fixed. FYI you can only put 2 bikes in the back of a Corolla.
We missed a lesson, to go get our bikes because they fixed them fast. I've been exhausted through out the day. Don't know why. But I feel like I'm not being the driving force I need to be in the companion ship. It's been 3 days and we have taught only 3 lessons. We haven't found any new people to teach or anyone who has said that we could come back. I feel like we are doing nothing and it looks like we are doing nothing. But with God all things are possible, so change will come. I just need to plan better.

Day 236 10/03/19
We had a lesson with a guy who had been taught one lesson and then the missionaries never tried to go by him after he missed a second lesson. But we taught him the Restoration and committed him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know that it is true. We had a member lesson with a recent convert. Things are going well. We also had a district council and had a training on how to talk to people.

Day 237 10/04/19
We had weekly planning and it was long. But when we did get out of our apartment we were able to teach 2 lessons on the sidewalk. We saw a Prion (a group of 3 or more Prius)
And some very happy skeletons
We had a lesson with our ward mission leader and his family. I must say it is nice having some experience teaching primary because kids just don't quite see how important the gospel is.

Day 238 10/05/19
I know repentance works and if we follow the process we will be forgiven. We can't just do some of the steps like acknowledge and stop. Sure we aren't doing it anymore but we are hiding it because we haven't confessed it to God. When we confess it must be the entire truth not just parts. Missionary work blesses everyone who takes part in it. They find joy and happiness. As we teach the gospel we will learn more about it. We must practice what we preach or it has no power or force.

Day 239 10/06/19
Today was a good day, to listen to the words of the General authorities, a good day for learning and reflection and taking steps to be better and to draw closer to God.


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