September 23, 2019


Capo Beach Ward


Elder Roberts

the past 7 days

Day 219 9/16/19
I spent the morning packing and doing laundry then sent a box home if all goes well I should be done before 10:30. I was done before 10:30 but we didn't get to the mission office till 11:00 and we didn't leave the mission office till 14:30. My new apartment is 1,248 miles from my house in North Dakota. But that is a 24 hour 1,573 mile car trip. I tore a blister off my hand from using an axe on Saturday.

Day 220 9/17/19
We biked up a lot of steep hills, but I have been conditioned for hills, so it's not too terrible. We can see the ocean from our apartment.
This area seams like a nice place.

Day 221 9/18/19
I got my bike back! (the zone leaders moved it to my new apartment) There was much rejoicing.
We went and visited a family who has a pet tortus, they spoke English and Spanish so I was able to say my one phrase in Spanish, translated as "the turtle/tortus is very good on fire."
We shared a message about Ether 12:27, and how the weakness being talked about isn't our weaknesses but the main weakness that we all have that all our weaknesses stem from. It's mortality, that is our weakness. As we have faith in Christ and humble ourselves, His grace ((definition) - "Grace is the help or strength given through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.") will help us with anything we are struggling with.

Day 222 9/19/19
We had a zone breakfast at the stake president's house. We learned what makes a good missionary email. First you must share something interesting, what that interesting thing means to me, sharing testimony and sending pictures. We visited a family with a very nice view of the ocean.
I don't much like the ocean, a vast expanse of water that seams never too end. A constant reminder that I am not in North Dakota. But I know that I wouldn't be able to be a missionary in California if it wasn't for our Savior. I have been strengthend by his grace He has helped me in to become the missionary I need to be. He has comforted me in times of trouble, and will continue to help and strengthen not only me but anyone who seeks Him.

Day 223 9/20/19
We had some plans that fell through, we ended up watching some new missionaries for 2 hours, while their trainer's were in a meeting. Then we planned for the week and then helped out with setting up for a ward activity tomorrow. We went tracting, we 4 people answered 2 said no. One talked to us but wasn't interested and the 4th one was a member.

Day 224 9/21/19
We invited a guy who has met with missionaries in the past to church. He said he would think about it. (he didn't go) The activitie was good there were a lot of people there. There was a band that plays Christian rock music but they have songs about the Restoration too. But one of their songs I like is "Nothing is impossible" by Nashville Tribute band. Anyway it's all about how God did so many miracles in the old Testament why wouldn't we trust Him to help us do what we think is impossible.

Day 225 9/22/19
We went to church and it was good, apparently now that the ward has split we have significantly less people. But it was still a good sized ward. We biked across our area twice and we talked to some members but not a lot happened. I'm going back through the paper area book and comparing it with the electronic area book because I am convinced and I have been write with a few, that not all the information has been moved from the paper to the electronic. Because it's rediculus to have 4 year gaps between contacts.


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