September 9, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young

the mailbox

Day 205 9/02/19
We went shopping and I bout a box so I can send stuff home.

Day 206 9/03/19
Started this day by moving someone at 9am and then Elder Young's back brake on his bike broke. We had interviews with the mission President. Good news, we fixed our tire and I'm not going home (and there was much rejoicing, *Monty Pithon and the quest for the Holy Grail rejoicing. I was also told I may be able to take my mission bike home (don't know how that will work but it's 17 months away) We found someone who said e could come back and teach them, how fun. We helped another person move this time it wasn't as hot. Today was just hot, 94°F was the high. Still have no new pictures to send.

Day 207 9/04/19
Today was also hot, but it was alright. We had a district council where we learned about finding and teaching. We went tracting for 20 minutes, and in that twenty minutes we knocked on one door and taught the end half of the Restoration and gave a copy of the Book of Mormon away. It was great. In my studies I read from Helaman 13 and it talked about repentance and faith, so that was good. But in Genesis chapter 22 I learned about Abraham sacrificing Isaac. I read the institute manual and it explains more in depth how symbolic this story is. In short the hill top Isaac was almost sacrificed on was just a few hundred yards from the hill top where Jesus was crucified. I recommend reading it and then reading the institute manual for that chapter.

Day 208 9/05/19
We fixed the brakes on the white bike. But the front tire on our other bike with the saddle bags has problems now. We taught the Restoration to a man named Philip. It wasn't the greatest lesson I've ever taught but the spirit was there so we did our best and the lord made it enough. Philip said he would read the Book of Mormon so that's good. Any how things are moving on here in California.

Day 209 9/06/19
Well we biked down to the part of our area that down a big hill and we did some work down there talking to people and setting up appointments. When it came to biking up the hill a member with a truck saw us and gave us a ride up to our apartment. I suppose it was after a trial of our faith that we saw a miracle.
The back tire on our spare bike is breaking. We saw a coyote in the middle of the town we were serving in, it was 8:30pm and behind some bushes but we saw one. But here is a picture of the massive murder of crows that fly around at dusk.

Day 210 9/07/19
We helped out with an eagle scout project. We planting bushes. Then we got our bikes fixed at a members house, then went to the next city over to get a new innertube for a bike. I learned that Elder Young and I have opposite views when it comes to our bikes and fixing them. Elder Young wants someone else to fix our bikes, I want to learn how to fix the bikes so I'm not dependent. But it's not a point of contention. We have fun though going all over talking to everyone.
We saw a car on our way to Irvine

Day 211 9/08/19
Started the day off by breaking a shoe lace, but I tied it back together.
Well church was fun I only dozed instead of napped during the first sacrament meeting. I took a picture of a mailbox because I feel like I'm not taking enough pictures.
I know the Book of Mormon is true and by now that's a given. So I know that the Holy Ghost guides you and everything happens for a reason.


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