September 16, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young

week 31

Day 212 9/09/19
We cleaned. And it was cloudy until 11 which is longer than usual. 
All the Elders in the zone got together and we play some games, not much happened today.

Day 213 9/10/19
Well I'm 20 now, not sure if that really means anything on a mission but here we are. It was cooler today so that was nice. We biked down the big hill (Antonio is the name of the road) we had a lesson with a woman named Marilyn. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well. We then biked back up Antonio for the first time. Very fun, and not as bad as it was made out to be. We had lessons with two families in the wards.

Day 214 9/11/19
I was able to fix Elder Young's back brakes on the bike with the saddle bags. 
We went and talked to a lady who loves missionaries (isn't interested) but she loves missionaries because they help her with yard work. She let us look at her Corvette. 
She told us to figure out what we want to do in college so we can have whatever car we want. We had a lesson, we taught half of the Restoration to women we met a few days ago. We had the apartment number but not the road name so we knocked every door with the number to find her. I studied about baptism, and when we are baptized we receive a remission for our sins, we become a member of Christ's Church and it is the first ordinance to obtain the Celestial Kingdom. Baptism must be preformed by immersion, if it is not by immersion it is not baptism. We had a lesson with a part member family and then they fed us, we left their home at 8pm and we got there at 5pm. Very long, then to get home we went on a hike, that we didn't know was a hike. Was it faster who knows. But this was the view from the top. 

Day 215 9/12/19
God still speaks.
The message of the Restoration is one that goes against the stance that all other Christian churches have, that heaven is closed God's mouth is shut and we are left to figure it out on our own. No more revelation, is a common theme I have seen while on my mission. But when told that God speaks still, most people turn away and chalk us up to be misguided. But the Truth is God speaks to a prophet now like He did in the old Testament, He has restored His church.
We role played with a tree, the tree was the person and I was me. Put a Book of Mormon app pass along card on it. No picture though. We went tracting because it was what we planned on doing. We prayed for the spirit to help make our plan work. We handed out a copy of the Book of Mormon and had a nice gospel conversation with a man named Daniel. Prayer works and God will direct us even if it isn't obvious. After that the Mission president called us (this meant either I was in trouble, being made a district leader, a zone leader, or and assistant to the President, or training) President Reeves wanted to talk to Elder Young not me. But Elder Young is training so one of us is going to be transferred.

Day 216 9/13/19
We had a three hour Come, Follow Me lesson with a lady who wasn't interested in the Book of Mormon but loves the Bible. I thought we would read 2 Corinthians 5 do the activitie in the manual for that reading then get out. But somehow we had a nice soft bash for an hour, read the reading for the Come, Follow Me then had another bash. But I felt the spirit so I say it was successful. For. Companion study we learned about repentance, baptism and the sacrament. Then spent more time explaining that the sacrament doesn't give us a remission of our sins. We take it to renew the covenant we made at baptism. We biked down the big hill and went tracting in an apartment complex, it was fun and we talked to 4 people. Here is what the complex ally looked like. 
But one accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and we passed out a pamphlet. Then the icing on the cake, we saw a taranchula on our way back up the hill. 

Day 217 9/14/19
Today we dug a root out of a guy's backyard. But more importantly I learned about Jacob's ladder in my studies. This is what the institute Manuel says about Genesis 28:10-19. President Marion G. Romney explained why this vision of heaven was shown in the form of a ladder and why the name of the place where it happened was called Bethel:
“When Jacob traveled from Beersheba toward Haran, he had a dream in which he saw himself on the earth at the foot of a ladder that reached to heaven where the Lord stood above it. He beheld angels ascending and descending thereon, and Jacob realized that the covenants he made with the Lord there were the rungs on the ladder that he himself would have to climb in order to obtain the promised blessings—blessings that would entitle him to enter heaven and associate with the Lord.
“Because he had met the Lord and entered into covenants with him there, Jacob considered the site so sacred that he named the place Bethel, a contraction of Beth-Elohim, which means literally ‘the House of the Lord.’ He said of it: ‘… this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.’

Also I only spent one transfer in this ward I got moved.

Day 218 9/15/19

We went to church twice, had a lesson reschedul on us, we had 2 dinner appointments one with a family and one with a former mission president. In short we learned a lot. I know that Jesus lives and that he died for each and every one of us because he loves us. 


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