September 2, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young

Over hill over dale, as we hit the dusty trail, as the Gospel goes rolling along

Day 198 8/26/19
We went shopping. No new rules this week.

Day 199 8/27/19
Went on an exchange with Elder McKnight. It was fun, we rode our bikes all over the hills. We gave a lady a Come, Follow Me Manuel, it only took from 10am-6pm to get the manual to her but it was given in the end. We had a member lesson cancel, so that meant we got to ride around more. It was very fun we saw a tree with spikes growing all over it.

Day 200 8/28/19
Just 165 more days and then I'll be fully acclimated and I'll be able to see all two seasons California has. We had a district corolation, it's easy to tell the two apart now because the district councils have been done away with. We had another flat tire, the tire itself has been worn down to the inner tube, we will need to aquire a new one.

Day 201 8/29/19
Moving right along, trying to find people who will listen to us. We have a lesson with a guy we met a few weeks ago tomorrow, hopefully that goes well. We messed with spiders form 8:30pm-8:50pm it was fun and a real California experience.

Day 202 8/30/19
We helped clean the church. We got free doughnuts. We met a man who survived a motorcycle crash at 80mph, he was nice but wasn't interested. We then went and met with Brother Lark (one of the members of the Irvine mission Presidency) and we talked about the account Joseph Smith had with the angel Moroni. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that this is Christ's Church restored back to the earth. To know all you have to do is read the Book of Mormon, ponder, and pray about it.

Day 203 8/31/19
The last day of August. It was hot we talked to some people. We found a phone on a sidewalk after I decided to go up a hill to get to our destination when we usually go down the hill and go the long way. We found the owner of the phone and gave it back to them. I don't know if it was the spirit guiding us or just something but I'm a missionary so I will stay it was the spirit.

Day 204 9/01/19
It's fast Sunday, I only have 17 left. I have set a goal to bear my testimony on all 17 of them. Only bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon in one ward. I did notice that a lot of members here don't share testimonies. They share a sweet experience of how the ward or gosple has helped them but they don't share a testimony. We had Peruvian food, it was very good.


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