August 26, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young


Day 191 8/19/19
Called home and explained that I am in some hot water, I haven't been exactly obedient.

Day 192 8/20/19
We helped a lady plant some flowers that were dying, and then built a desk for her in her garage. She got us pizza but would go upstairs after saying a few words and didn't come down until we finished building the desk. We moved the desk into her house and moved another desk out. She tried to give us two hundred dollars for helping her, I refused the money and explained what we were doing as missionaries. She gave an answer that didn't make sense to what I had said and then went back into her house and closed the garage door. So after this we continued on with our day and handed out a copy of the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. We had a lesson with another guy named Jeff and it went very well. It was a great day I am being exactly obedient and I am running around like my hair is on fire, I love being a missionary.

Day 193 8/21/19
We went to zone conference and it was very good, learned how to magnifying our calling. Started an exchange with the district leader.

Day 194 8/22/19
Elder Sloan and I went by many a previous person, only 2 out of the many were home and they weren't interested. I fell off my bike and into a bush... I recovered. But we went tracting at 2pm and we were able to teach the entire restoration to a lady and invited her to the temple music night on September 1st. That was the biggest thing that happened today, all of our lessons with members fell through. But we stopped by some members and taught the oldest son of a family the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2 minutes set something on fire, then met the mom who didn't know we were even there and that we had just taught a lesson and set something on fire. She rewarded us with a root bear and an orange cream soda. So secret to member work get one of the kids to let you in teach a lesson start a fire and then tell the kid to teach their family the lesson in the same way we did, then meet the rest of the family and tell them what you just did and they will trust you and give you food.

Day 195 8/23/19
We rode our bikes around and talked to people, no takers. We had members lessons. Here is the length of my mission displayed in ducks.

Day 196 8/24/19
We rode our bikes around (notice the theme) and talked to people. Not much happened we got a lot more work done because on Saturdays people are home and don't have much happening. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and all anyone has to do to find out it is is read. It with an open mind and ponder its teachings and then ask God if it is true.

Day 197 8/25/19
Well we went to church and I slept through the first speakers talk but the end sounded interesting so I got a copy of the speakers talk so I might review it. Then the area 70 for the western United States talked and his talk was about the Priesthood and not over looking the simple things. We had dinner with some members and they brought their friends, all in all today was good no one almost got hit by a car at a round about. (that happened on Tuesday) we got a ride to our apartment in a Porsche, it was fancy.


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