August 19, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young


Day 184 8/12/19
Today was our P-day, we met as a district and played some games, not much to say on the spiritual side of things. We went by some members to learn about a young woman who is taking the missionary lessons from the sisters but her family won't let her join. Our other bike has a leak in the back tire and so we tore the tire off to prepar to patch it.

Day 185 8/13/19
We started off today by patching the innertube and then put it back on the bike. It reminded me of all the times I fixed stuff in the oil field. Glad I know how to do basic mechanics. I had some fish for dinner, it left me before the end of the night (in our apartment of course) I think I have a cold or food poisoning, more info in the morning.

Day 186 8/14/19
Today was a good day I feel much butter. We cruzed around going by people that were interested at one point. We found a guy that said we can come back sometime. We talked to a guy that was Jewish and took his son who was our age on a walk around the block and got to know him. I made some food from my childhood just some pasta and tamato sauce. I taught Elder Young a point of church history that I guess people leave the church over so I'm not going to put it in this email, but if you are curious and want to learn about it, you can find it in the book Saints volume one, chapters 43-44.

Day 187 8/15/19
Half done with August, this isn't new to me but there are tree's here called punching trees and their bark is soft and you can punch them without breaking your hands. We biked down to the farthest part of our area. This was nice as it was all down hill, we went by people who had previously expressed interest none of the ones we talked to were interested. But it was a very nice bike ride.
A member came and biked us and our bikes up and we went and got In N out before going back to our apartment.

Day 188 8/16/19
We went by a referral we got, they weren't home. No one bashed us today, but no one wanted to talk or listen either. We biked all over creation that was fun.

Day 189 8/17/19
We did cross fit. This is why a punching tree looks like.
The Assistants came over and inspected our apartment. Then we went out to dinner with a member. Not much happened.

Day 190 8/18/19
Church was amazing, Brother Lark the former Councilor in the Irvine mission Presidency, gave a great talk about not going on a mission but becoming a missionary. we had a family come to church and then two people who have shown interest. It was a good day.


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