August 12, 2019


Avendale, Covenant Hills, and Terramor Wards


Elder Young

very nice

Day 177 8/05/19
Well we packed everything into the corrola and drove up to Irvine. I got my new companion, Elder Young. We have the district leader with us because he's training and his greenie doesn't get here till Wednesday. So we have a car till Wednesday, but after Wednesday Elder Young and I will be biking everywhere. Definitely a different culture and atmosphere in the northern part of the mission. But it's a good different, looking forward to this transfer.

Day 178 8/06/19
We wake up at 6am which is an improvement over 5:40am. We walked around a lot and talked to some people but no takers. We had a lesson with an Elderly woman that went well, but for the most part we do member work. We walked around in an apartment complex for half an hour trying to find the right door. We found it and knocked on it and no one answered. When we were leaving we contacted a woman who claimed to not believe in God or a higher power but they say they read a satanic Bible. But we saw some animals so it was a good day.

Day 179 8/07/19
Today was the first day of full time bike. It was good Elder Young talked to everyone, but almost everyone didn't want to talk to him. He's a good missionary but the social skills to make contacts normal is lacking, so I guess I'm here to make up for the deficit. We helped someone move the body and frame of a Datsun 2000 whatever that is, some kind of car. We have no copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out, not that we had any to begin with.

Day 180 8/08/19
We started the day off by trying to get in contact with people that said they were interested. We talked to some people, no takers and the people we went by were not home. We found a family that said they were interested but they were going on vacation on Saturday and wouldn't be back for a week. We gave them two pamphlets and our number and invited them to church when they had the chance. We got fed dinner twice by two separate families. It was good, but the pizza from the last member was good but my body decided it would be best to remove it from my stomach at 3am.

Day 181 8/09/19
We went tracting and met some people who think they know what we believe but know nothing. But we were able to pass out three Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets. We found one person who seamed interested but we didn't set up a return appointment so we will see what happens. I got a flat tire on my blue road bike that the mission gave me. So we had the vehicle coordinaters come and bick it up, they said it should be fixed by Monday. It was a sad day because my bike is now out of commission, I have taken that bike with me everywhere. I brought it with me out of Temecula to Oceanside and then from Oceanside to Ladera Ranch (it's the city next to Mission veijo) and I plan on having it with me until I depart from this mission.

Day 182 8/10/19
We did cross fit with a member and their non member friends. It was fun and a good work out. We went and gave a blessing to a member with his ministering brother. After we went and had lunch with the member we did cross fit with. We went contacting and talked to a lesbian couple that weren't interested but they were nice about being apposed to the church. But more importantly I got to ride in a Tesla model S, and it is a very nice car.
We had dinner with a member and we ate a lot of food. After we went and met with one of the councilers in the Irvine mission presidentcy. His name is Craig Lark and he is very enthusiastic about the account Joseph Smith had with the angel Moroni. He said I am on a mission to tell people about the Prophet Joseph Smith and his accounts with God, Jesus Christ and the angels Moroni. It was a very enlightening experience, he told me to study the accounts that Joseph Smith had with the angel Moroni and be able to teach it very clearly.
This meeting strengthend my testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored the gospel to the Earth.

Day 183 8/11/19
Started this day off very sore from the cross fit and then vomited the little bit of yesterdays dinner that was left in my stomach. This is shaping up to be a very eventful transfer. So now the goal here is to stop eating dessert at member dinners and avoid greasy foods.
During sacrament meeting a spider walked over to my companions shoe and the climbed on the edge of the shoe. It walked around the edge of his show and onto the edge of my shoe and the it sat on the edge of my shoe for all of sacrament meeting. 242 160 shortest hymns in the Hymn book. We got fed dinner and we met a man who accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon.


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