August 5, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds

I got transferred

Day 170 7/29/19
P-day was boaring, not much happened. I flipped a switch in the fuse box and saved all the food in the fridge. (thank you mom for teaching us how to flip switches. An appointment fell through and a person who said comeback later actually wasn't interested.

Day 171 7/30/19
When we choose to follow Jesus and we leave neutral ground forever, and we either follow Christ or turn against him there is no in-between. Today we painted a room the same color it already was. We got pizza after words so it was alright. We tried to find people to teach but we were unable to find any. We talked to some drunk homeless people and it was interesting. I almost died
The dotted line is my path to the turn lane, the not a rectangle is a motorcycle and the rectangles are cars. So I needed to turn left so I did and pulled out into oncoming traffic but I was able to cross the middle line and miss the oncoming car by about a foot.

Day 172 7/31/19
We had a district meeting and learned that zones are now a meaningless term that means the missionaries in the districts around yours that you will only see at Zone Conference and other than that conference they do not exists. We got the address of a person with interest who is moving out of our mission. We also were able to set up an appointment with someone we haven't been able to meet with in over a month. I learned that prayer works, Only when we are sincere. Meaningless prayers that are vein and repetitious are better left unsaid (because vein in this context means meaningless).

Day 173 8/01/19
We went on exchanges and I taught the word of wisdom to a wine fanatic. He wasn't to impressed with what was taught. We tracted and taught about the Book of Mormon. We found a family that said we could come back on Saturday so that is good for Elder Elliott and his area. On our way back to the apartment we went passed the catholic mission and looked at the statues of the Savior carrying the cross.
It was a good time to reflect on His sacrifice for all of us. It was also a time of realization that am a deciple for Savior and am here to stand as a witness of him.

Day 174 8/02/19
We went down by the strand and met a lot of members. More importantly we found a person who let us in to have a lesson while we went tracting.

Day 175 8/03/19
I woke up at 5am so Elder Bonds can work out earlier, so we can leave the apartment earlier. We did service all day and didn't break the rules.
I got transferred to the north... to an all bike area. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad.

Day 176 8/04/19
Sunday was long because we fasted. I packed all my stuff and was ready for bed by 1am. I also determined to part with my first aid kit as soon as I have access to a post office.


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