July 29, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds


Day 163 7/22/19
I accidentally attacked a a counter by slamming my knee into it. I spent the next few minutes on the ground trying to learn how to walk again.

Day 164 7/23/19
Had a nice almond milk smoothie that gave me a stomach ache for the rest of the day. My body might not be too big a fan of almond milk after drinking expir almond milk. Anyway this set back resulted in me going to sleep at 6pm, and getting almost 12 hours of sleep. We helped out with a service too it was okay I got a blister on my thumb. All in all a more chaotic day.

Day 165 7/24/19
As mentioned before 12 hours of sleep is nice, still not feeling completely healed. Regardless of my insecure health we went to a district council or correlation (still can't keep them separated) but our wonderful mission rules on communication assured that I did not receive the prepare to learn, nevertheless I got along fine without it. After this meeting we (Elder Bonds and I) went and taught the Restoration to a person with interest and it went well we will be going back on Sunday to teach the Plan of Salvation. We had a lesson with a member and then biked up the so called second worst Hill in the mission named Foussat pronounces (Foo as in food and sot as in sot after. It is long and steep and once we got to the top of it we had to turn right and go up another steep hill which was tame compared to the hill we had just ridden. But with the ordeal over I would say I do not wish to do it again. Now for the spiritual part, reading the Book of Mormon brings peace in our lives and makes us eligible to have the following blessings, being more intune with the spirit, being able to overcome fears and doubts, we will also have heaven’s divine help in our lives. I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Day 166 7/25/19
I had many pancakes for breakfast, it was a challenge to consume but I was able to eat it. Pancakes may not be the best source of food because it makes my stomach hurt. Probably from the tap water I used to make the batter. We tried to talk to people no one wanted to talk to us or was home, it's also hot now. We taught a teenage the Restoration on the door step and he said we could come back. We walked away and then stopped to put it in Area Book when we remembered we didn't invite him to church. A couple seconds later the kid walked out and ask us if there was a church near by that he could go too. We gave him the information and then marveled at this tender mercy.

Day 167 7/26/19
Feeling better this morning. But that's a minor detail. I started to read the Bible, mostly because everyone keeps telling us to read it. I think it's great that they recommend the entire Bible to read but out of the 66 books in it I want to know which one contains this magic chapter or verse that will just shake my faith. But since I will be reading the entire Bible except Songs of Solomon (because it's biblical trash) I'm sure I'll learn something. We saw a big dog.

Day 168 7/27/19
Woke up sick, just a headache and some vertigo. Just the kind of health needed for a day full of service. I felt better then worse. We dug at a tree stump for along time. But the burden was not to oppressive.

Day 169 7/28/19
We taught the recrutes, two of them are getting baptized. We went to Sunday school with the priests they had snacks. We talked about covenants, Doctrine and Covenants section 82:10


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