July 15, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds

well it's quite simple

Day 148 7/07/19
So we (we being the assistants) baptized a recrute on Edson range. Then our new mission President came to our wards fast and testimony meeting. We went by a Do not Contact, they weren't interested still. I'm tired of walking on dried dead leaves in July, and our mission presidents made rules against meeting as a zone on P-day or as multiple districts, and the maximum size we can meet as a group is 3 companionships. Also they made communication harder by removing our zone group chat on messenger so now it's hard to know who is saying what from which companionship. Also the Carlsbad mission was dissolved into Irvine. Nevertheless I do not feel to murmur.

Day 149 7/08/19
We helped a family on the military base move out. Don't really have to much to say.

Day 150 7/09/19
We had mission president interviews and those were fun, I like the mission president but I feel like his rules are oppressive. But I'll follow them, because the watchman can see what I can't.
We helped the same family move, this time we cleaned their house.
Finally we had a lesson fall through so now not much is happening.

Day 151 7/10/19
Today we got a training on how to set expectations and stuff like that. It went well we used it later that day. I am starving now because I'm back on the no sugar nor grain diet, so in hungry. We went by a guy who told us to come back today and we shared the Restoration and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said he would read it but not to expect him to change. We told him we weren't trying to get him to change religions, we just want him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

Day 152 7/11/19
We did service ripping out bushes, and we found rubber boas. A lot of them got chopped by shovels but one I was able to get in one piece.

Day 153 7/12/19
Today we drove to base to try and get in contact with a family, they weren't home. But we got a puzzle and got asked about taking a picture of a plaque explaining the difference between the sea cobra and the super cobra. Then we planned and then had a district dinner before we all went and contacted the strand. I talked to a guy who was high on meth, or something. The booth we did was a bit of a disaster, but we handed out one Book of Mormon and invited the recipient to read it and to pray about it. They said they would. The RC said he was coming to church, and that's good.

Day 154 7/13/19
Sometimes I think to myself it's a good thing I run for distance, because that means the faster I run the sooner I don't have to eun any more. I can still run a mile in 8 minutes flat which is surprisingly mediocre. It means I'm comfortable running an 8 minute mile, and I should start pushing myself to run it in 7.
I'll let the reader make an analogy for this. So I held a shotgun today, other than that not much happened.

Day 155 7/14/19
The temple is important, and miracles are brought about through faith. We had a dinner and I did feast upon the food there of. I also got a free bag of rolls.
The Book of Mormon is true, and anyone can find out for themselves if it is by simply reading it. “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.” - Joseph Smith.


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