July 8, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds

weeks before the blend

Day 142 7/01/19
Left my non church clothes at the apartment so I was over dressed for P-day. I got sunburned

Day 143 7/02/19
We met a guy who had the gosple 95% correct from only reading the bible, it was amazing.
Had a doctor's appointment, learned that the medcin in taking causes cancer but it also increases my chance for skin cancer, so now I own a sunhat a bottle of spf 50 sun screen and a bottle of alovera. Everything in California really does cause cancer. But hopefully not in two years.

Day 144 07/03/19
Today we went all the way to Newport Beach for zone conference and to meet the mission president.
Newport Beach temple was bigger than the Bismarck ND one. We had to memorize a Book of Mormon verse so I memorize Alma 11:29. We biked to the district leaders apartment to watch fireworks, I didnt know California allowed them. Then biked up a lot of hills to get back to our apartment.

Day 145 7/04/19
Yesterday (writing this on the 5th) we didn't really do much, we left our apartment and went to the ocean to watch fireworks we weren't supposed to do it, so we took our district leader with us so if we do get caught. The district gets torn apart again. But all in all it was a lot of biking and not many fireworks.

Day 146 7/05/19
Today, we did service at Heritage park, with John-John and the owner John, mowing weeds and stuff. We did that till 13:00 then went and had personal study and then went to a district dinner. We tried to do a booth but we didn't have a table so it didn't go to well. But the sister missionaries committed someone to be baptized so I guess it was a success. I have been thinking about Joseph Smith and everything that he has done for Christ and this gosple. I feel that Doctrine and Covenants section 135 really expounds on all that he has done. I know that he was a prophet and that he did see God the Father and Jesus Christ, and they called him to be a prophet and to restore Christ's Church to the earth. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Day 147 7/06/19
Well I learned to not eat apple seeds the hard way, we prepared for our district council or correlation. I don't know what to call it but we talked about the people we are teaching and there concerns. Usually it's just the district but we had our district the zone leaders the sister training leaders the Spanish district and then the Farci missionaries showed up. So there was a total of 19 missionaries there.

Day 148 7/07/19
So we (we being the assistants) baptized a recrute on Edson range. Then our new mission President came to our wards fast and testimony meeting. We went by a Do not Contact, they weren't interested still. I'm tired of walking on dried dead leaves in July, and our mission presidents made rules against meeting as a zone on P-day or as multiple districts, and the maximum size we can meet as a group is 3 companionships. Also they made communication harder by removing our zone group chat on messenger so now it's hard to know who is saying what from which companionship. Also the Carlsbad mission was dissolved into Irvine. The mission president wants the mission to be unified, but camp pendalton cuts it in half and makes it at the least a 30 minute drive from Oceanside to the closest part of Irvine. On top of this Irvine missionaries do not bike. Nevertheless I do not feel to murmur.

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