July 1, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds

snakes, military, and the gospel

Day 135 6/24/19
Today we went shopping, we had a two zone P-day because one of the zones is going to the San Diego mission. Still have yet to run into RC to tell him that his records have been moved and he should go to church at 9am. Anyhow I was not patient in making a grilled cheese and I ended up with two burned pieces of toast and a lumb of cold cheese that eventually melted. Sometimes life is like a grilled cheese, if we rush it we end up with a mess and something that was worse than before. But when we are patient and slow and thought out, things come together to form a enjoyable sandwich.

Day 136 6/25/19
We walked and walked and walked and walked. But we got a name for a guy and found out someone really wasn't interested in learning so it was a productive day. Ate a lot of grilled cheeses, and I am now cooking ramen. Today I learned that even the Bible videos don't accurately portray crucifixion. They didn't give the people hanging on the cross a little block to stand on. How can one hang if you are standing. But that's not the point, the point is Jesus suffered all things and died so that we can put our trust in him and be saved by him.

Day 137 6/26/19
Today we were able to talk to RC he wanted to know if the sisters had been transferred yet. We told him no but he should go to the 9am ward. We got a dresser and an AC unit so things are going well. My last companion Elder Stone gave us $20 dollars, just happened to be at a cross walk and he was stopped at a red light. We tried to get in contact with some people but no one answered, but we sit up a dinner appointment for sometime in July. Said goodbye to the mission president, and there was a car crash at the traffic light by our apartment, no pictures but everyone was fine. There wasn't an ambulance so no one was hurt too bad. Just a day full of stuff.

Day 138 6/27/19
Today we did service, a lot of service. We also handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon things are going well. Here is a picture from service.
I also received the Myplan email (the course they give to missionaries going home in 3 transfers) so I guess I'm either going home in September, or I can fill out Myplan and then I won't have to do it in 17 months. We were also given root bear. (more on that later)

Day 139 6/28/19
Had the last of my bacon and realized I'm running out of food. Well we got a lot of free food, and gave a lot of Priesthood blessings. I feel inadequate, to give blessings, I am worthy to give them. Its just a daunting task to be that link between God and the person and blessing them with what God wants them to be blessed with. But with anything I'm sure it gets easier with time.

Day 140 6/29/19
We saw a snake today
We tried getting in contact with people, not much happened as a result. (we talked to no one) But we had a new recruit at church and in 3 minutes I taught him half the Restoration. I hope he can learn more and be prepared for Sunday.

Day 141 6/30/19
The time is 9:29 so not much hs happened yet. But I was able to ponder my experience with root bear. When I was a young lad, I had the opportunity to try of the substance. At that time it was bitter to the taste and not desired. A few years later the opportunity to partake of the drink was given. Because of the great many of years that had passed away from my last experience I did partake. Once again the substance was not desirable. But it came to pass after another great many years I had the opportunity again, remembering all the times before I did partake. The same flavor did rebel against my tongue. At it came to pass that a great many years did pass away again, and the opportunity did arise. Once more I partook, to the amazement of myself, the liquid was not bitter or foul or offend my tongue. But was sweet, and I did partake happily. And there was some rejoiceing. It is now 20:24 and we were led by the spirit to two members who had friends they were trying to introduce to the gospel. We were definitely led by the spirit, now this wasn't led like the spirit spoke to us or the same theme kept coming up over and over again. It was led in the less cool way like, who should we go by... How about so and so I saw them first on the map and they are close. But we were where we needed to be at the time we needed to be there.

The one of just sun and green is California


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