June 24, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Bonds


Day 128 6/17/19
Well we drove to and from our apartment and the district leaders apartment. We have used so many miles. It was Elder Stones last day we dropped him off at the mission home. Now I get to have a sleep over with the district leader who leaves tomorrow to go to the Riverside Mission.

Day 129 6/18/19
Watched the district leader pack, then cleaned the apartment went to the old apartment and cleaned. Got called by the sisters telling us to go back and clean. Cleaned until we had to take Elder Liddell to the mission office for transfers. Went back to the apartment and cleaned with Elder Elliott,after a washing the same stains that had been on the walls since the time of the creation and not getting anywhere we called it good and went and got our new companions. My new companion is Elder Bonds he is from Mississippi, the Sisters called us and wanted to give us stuff we left and a fan for our apartment. When we arrived to collect the items they gave them to us and said that the apartment was "discussing and should be burned" which translates too, it looks like it has had missionaries staying in it from the beginning of the Carlsbad mission. All in all the new apartment is alright Elder Bonds is awesome and the church is true.

Day 130 6/19/19
Today we went for a run, I almost vomited, it was hard. But I recovered. We biked and walked a lot today. We handed out a three copies of the Book of Mormon and had dinner with a returning Member. We also went shopping. We had dinner with a less active member, he makes surfboards.

Day 131 6/20/19
We had zone welcome, a bit strange that it was a day after transfers but we had it. For lunch I had strawberry yogurt with honey, banana, and granola. It was good. I didn't buy enough food and I have $0.30 left on mission funds. But I can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. We went and visited a part member family on base. We invited them to start praying and reading the scriptures. I know that in my life everything goes so much smoother when I am praying often. Also the same unexplainable thing happens when I read from the scriptures. I know that prayer and scripture study will bless our lives and help us in all aspects of life.

Day 132 6/21/19
We got the new district leader as a companion for a couple hours, because Elder Elliott was going to Temecula for a baptism. We as a trio walked down by the pier and got talked to by a guy from a cult that runs a really good deli. (I hope you all con go there, it's called the Yellow Deli.) he wouldn't let us talk and he wouldn't accept a copy of the Book of Mormon and many a minute was spent. We tried to get in contact with some people, not many were home but we should be busy tomorrow. I can not state it enough, this is Christ's Church. Read the Book of Mormon and pray every time before and after you read to know if that book is true. And God will tell you.

Day 133 6/22/19
Well we did a lot of service today and had people that said we could come back not answer or tell us no. It was fun, we rode our bikes went on base and tried to help a part memeber family. The recent convert (who will be referred to as RC from now on, got to keep things confidential) is doing well seams to have recovered from the sisters. The plot thickens, the RC does not live in our area so he was poached (basickly when you baptize someone who isn't in your area you steal from someone else's area) which doesn't matter. But it does matter when it comes to Ward boundaries. So the 9 o'clock ward we are trying to get the RC to go to is the Ward he is supposed to be in. The problem I have is, everyone has told me that it is my problem to make sure the RC stays active. I can only do so much, I know that if RC doesn't come back then they would have been better off unbaptized. It's not a matter of if RC doesn't reactivate its not a big deal, we are looking at eternal damnation, and I am the one charged with stopping this and if I don't do everything that I can possibly do then I will be held responsible for not acting and doing everything in my power to reactive RC. I don't know how. I barely know RC, but all I can do is try. I saw a blue and gold macaw.

Day 134 6/23/19
Went to the base to teach recrutes, it went well. We got fed two dinners it was very filling. Our ward Clerk. Called me and said that RC's records are being moved to the ward that he lives in. Now I just have to tell RC to start to go to church. The sisters don't like my decision to put RC in the Ward that he is supposed to go too.


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