June 17, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Stone

now our district is fractured

Day 122 6/10/19
We played volleyball, well I didn't. One of the Spanish elders tore a calus off his foot and bled a bit. It was a great p-day

Day 123 6/11/19
We invited many people to be baptized and had lessons fall through.

Day 124 6/12/19
We taught a returning Member and had a lesson with a member who is preparing to go to the Temple.
We helped the sisters move out of their apartment and into a different one, but in 5 days we will help them move into the apartment we are in. Elder Stone will go home I'll get a new companion and move into the apartment above the recent convert. I have not been happy about the hole idea that I have to move because a sister missionary, kept flirting with a the person they were teaching until they fell in love with her. But I had an experience. There was a certain Elder who had consumed some food that did not agree with his stomach. A while later the toilet was examined. The Elder felt better with the offender now removed from his body. Sometimes we need to spiritually vomit things that hold us from become Christ like.

Day 125 6/13/19
We went tracting down by the beach with the district leader. We found a person to teach.

Day 126 6/14/19
Went on exchanges with Elder Elliott, not much happened. We bought a bag of potatoes and some meat and onion, so we can feed ourselves on Sunday.

127 6/15/19
I didn't write anything down and I don't remember. But I will say I'm not amused with Sister Missionaries, or my district leader. Somehow in four weeks our district leader almost got released and is being sent to a new mission, I am moving apartments because the sisters kept flirting with him and now he is in love with one of them. Their apartment is right above his so they are moving me and my companion in and the sister's goes to the one we are in. The move happens on Tuesday.

128 6/16/19
I didn't talk to a recrute and one of the Assistants to the Presidents asked me "Why did you not speak to them Elder?" I said I just didn't do it. But the spirit has kept it with me all day. I am here to talk to people and the fear of being rude or interupting or them rejecting my proposal to learn more, is not a good enough reason to invite others to come closer to the Savior. It is also Father's day.


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