June 10, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Stone

it was probably the FBI

Day 115 6/3/19
I lamanated my EMT Certificate and bought food that a vegan might buy. I think I'm going to starve to death. We worked on base.

Day 116 6/4/19
I may not starve to death. I have eaten many beans and saled, and cereal with almond milk. We did service at a thrift shop, reorganizing shelf and making sure stuff on the shelfs work. I also naught a fadora and a trench coat.
We went to toco bell and I got a salid with no cheese or sour cream. We then had a homeless guy prophesy to us about stuff. He was crazy so we went to walk down by the beach and we found someone who said they were interested. We biked to a place we were tracting and found no takers and our lesson canceled. So we biked home had personal study and then put on the armor of God.
We had to share parts.

Day 117 6/5/19
We had a training on how to listen, it was good. We went finding a lot and found a cool memeber that bought us Dole wips™. Being vegan is probably one of the most unhealthiest times in my life. I eat cereal and oatmeal and fast food salads. But somehow I lost 5lbs probably because I'm not getting 2,200 calories a day.

Day 118 6/6/19
It was D-day a while ago in 1944. We helped an old lady clean out her attic.
We helped a member move stuff to storage units. But most importantly we had a hand off lesson with the sisters. The sisters had been teaching this individual and they baptized them. All fine and dandy until the lessons after the baptism. The individual developed feelings for one of the sisters and is now thinking about not coming back to church and giving back the Book of Mormon. Moral of the story endure to the end.

Day 119 6/7/19
Today we reflected on the bangs that we heard last night and determined that they were indeed gun shots. We did a lot of service today I killed cockroaches and gave up on being vegan. The sisters missionaries are still trying to convince the recent convert to stay in the church but the sisters won't stop flirting with him and the convert knows that this isn't appropriate but only responds to it by wanting to leave the church. We may swap apartments with the sisters because this convert lives in the same apartment complex. Stay tuned. The sisters also sent us back to the old lady's house for service (it's not in our area so we shouldn't be there) the sisters also call us about three or more times a day to talk about the convert. Oh the joys. The district leader his companion and Elder Stone and I all went down to the beach to watch the algee turn blue in the waves. After that I lit a blouse that was left at our apartment on fire.

Day 120 6/8/19
We went on exchanges (we brought the district leaders companion) Elder Elliott. So We smuggled Elder Elliott onto base, showed the sisters a text from the investigator. (we probably will end up switching apartments) It's dumb it shouldn't have happened and it wouldn't have happened if the sisters had let the Elders teach him. Anyway we smuggled Elder Elliott onto base so we could show the sisters a text message and then leave base to take Elder Elliott back to his apartment. I told Elder Stone about the tight like unto a dish analogy from Ether 2:17. How the barge is our testimony and the sea is like life. But we need air so we have to unstop holes and continually strive to be on top of the water and relying on the Lord to get us back to the surface.

Day 121 6/09/19
Well we had 2 recruited at church, got to conduct the music. We went to church not on Camp pendalton and met with the recent convert. He has decided to remove his name from the Church. Also at the end of the transfer Elder Stone goes home and if I'm still here I go to the Sisters apartment to live and the sisters take the one we are in. All because, the Sisters didn't pass the convert off to the Elders to be taught which would have avoided this conundrum. Anyway I recommend reading, And Nothing shall offend them. By Elder Bednar October 2006. We went onto base with our lizard friend that we found on our door step. We let him go at the end of the day,
There was a C-5M plane at the military base so the air force was doing something. We found two new people to teach and got some pictures of nature. Then all the pictures I took deleted themselves off my phone.


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