June 3, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Stone

I'm Vegan now

Day 108 5/27/19
We went fishing at 6am we didn't catch anything but we fed the fish. We went to the church, I talked with the Assistant to the President who is from Switzerland, and played some basketball.

Day 109 5/28/19
We took the District leaders car back to the mission office. We had a district council we found people with interest on the military base.

Day 110 5/29/19
We had zone conference it was our mission presidents last zone conference. The subject was on listening. It is easier to understand how to help someone if you know the problem that they are telling you. I know that when the world says "you are not like us." we should reply with "we know we don't want to be." or John 15:19 says the same. I know that Jesus lives and that God lives and that we are God's children and he loves us, and nothing the world has to offer is better than what God has to offer.

Day 111 5/30/19
We met with this guy who has a pirate ship in his back yard and followes up with his reading of the Book of Mormon.

Day 112 5/3119
Today was a long day. A day that consisted of trying to find and talk to people who had said we could come back. We had interviews with the mission president, they went well. We took the District leader back to his apartment and then went and tracted for an hour. We had personal study. We had dinner with the district leader and then went back to their apartment where some elders discovered alcohol is flammable. Elder Stone and myself went tracting. We found 3 people with interest and 2 said they would come to church. During companion study I made a comment in our district group chat that was unwarented this resulted in the zone leaders giving me a call and asking me to remove it, which I did. I have had time to reflect, repent, and ponder on charity and Alma 36:13-20.

Day 113 6/1/19
We gave the district leader our car so he could go talk to the mission president. Elder Stone and I were sure he was going to be released as a district leader but that was not the case. We have at least 4 people that said they would come to church. We also invited the familys we visited on camp pendalton to come to church. It was a joint operation with the sisters and it was effective.

Day 114 6/2/19
We go to church with Recruits. One person out of the ten who said they were coming, came. We met a vegan so I decided it's California so I'll be vegan for a week. Then we did work on base.


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