May 27, 2019


Harbor Ward, Carlsbad, CA Stake


Elder Stone


Day 101 5/20/19
P-day, was a day of basketball and a slow realization that everyone here will most likely be in a different mission, so I could be the only Elder from my MTC district to stay in the geographical area of the Carlsbad mission. The ways transfers are in the San Diego mission the Missionaries there go home 3 weeks before exactly 24 months and in the Riverside Mission it is 2 weeks before 24 months. But the Carlsbad mission transfers work out to be about 1 week before exactly two months. So I will most likely be the last missionary from my MTC district to go home.

Day 102 5/21/19
Cleaned the apartment, packed up my stuff. I saw an owl being harassed by some ravens, it flew away before we could get a picture. We'll I got driven down by an old guy who was a marine for 30 years. I got to my area and my new companion is awesome.
Day 103 5/22/19
Today we went to zone welcome, I finally got to use my KFC gift card. I met many homeless people, but the bright side to this day is we handed out some pamphlets and some copies of the Book of Mormon. I also bought a five pound bag of gumy sharks. New companion Elder Stone
We also managed to get the two batteries that leaked battery acid that later hardened into a type of cement out of a flashlight, percussive maintenance works wonders. Like the flash light and the batterys sometimes we have to go through some things in life that can be likened to being thrown at the ground, to loosen up something inside of us. The refines fire or spiritual percussive maintenance. We have to be thrown at the grown with great force over and over. God has a way of removing stuck batteries from us, but God know that once the batteries are out and the new in we can be much more useful. It is never comfortable or easy, but it's how we grow.

Day 104 5/23/19
We got me a military base pass, and met some Marines.

Day 105 5/24/19
Had the district leaders companion with us for the day, we went tracting.

Day 106 5/25/19
We set up a booth down by the ocean but not in the sand

Day 107 5/26/19
We fasted and went to the Baptism of a recruit. I met a retired air force guy, he actually knew stuff about North Dakota. We had a Fireside on the military base, and we got food.


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