May 20, 2019


French Valley Ward, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

I'm here again?

Day 94 5/13/19
Today was interesting we went bowling, I didn't do so well, and we got hair cuts. We gave a blessing too.

Day 95 5/14/19
Tuesday, we had a zone training on how to work with members. Then I went on an exchange with Elder Methvin one of the zone leaders. He is from Kansas and we had a blast and handed out many pamphlets and two copies of the Book of Mormon.

Day 96 5/15/19
Well California is interesting
You may not park in front of the mail but fire hydrants, no problem. We went and did service, helped Luis with his garden. We had a member lesson, and then went tracting. We met a person who believes the earth is flat, he wasn't to interested. We had another member lesson with a less active family. It was the best member lesson I have had so far on my mission. They asked us plans that we had after the mission and they wanted to know if I wanted to go into the military. I got asked, "Do you like killing people?" After saying no but mentioning that I played video games they said "Oh, you do like killing people." Both of them were in the military, the Navy specifically. Anyway we had a Come, Follow Me lesson with them. They have so much potential and one of them said he was going to come to church. I know that the church is true, that if this ain't it then there isn't anything. Joseph Smith was a prophet and he ended the Great apostasy, I think the line from praise to the man fits best, "traitors and tyrants now fight him in vain" sums it up well.

Day 97 5/16/19
Today we went to the Mormon Battalion visitor center. We had a member lesson. Alma 48:23.

Day 98 5/17/19
We found a guy who wanted to meet with us tomorrow morning.

Day 99 5/18/19
Saturday we went and met with the guy from yesterday, in the morning. He was sick but we gave him our phone number and got his and said we would schedule a time to set something up. We got bashed at the next house on how we don't believe in the Trinity. They sent out the transfer information, and I'm going to Oceanside. I will probably not be going to the Riverside Mission now.

Day 100 5/19/19
Went to church, a person we had been teaching came. Had dinner with some members, they had a guest over and we shared the Restoration and they said they wanted to learn more. We went and visited the family who said I liked killing people and told them goodbye, they have two cats named Beretta and Remington, they also have 3 big dogs named Judge, Hugs and kisses aka H.A.K and finally Chief. Don't know if I'll see them again but I guess I'll have eternity to find them. I have said this before. The Book of Mormon is true, and anyone who wants to know if it is true can find out if they read it and pray about it


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