May 6, 2019


French Valley Ward, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

week of May

79 4/29/19
P-day was dull. We went tracing later and we found a lady who married an apostate member. She told us we were wrong and that the Trinity is Jesus, (not the abomination made by man that it is. See the Nicene creed and the Athanasian creeds) Elder Holland explains it in his talk, The only True God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent.
We handed out one Book of Mormon.
Then in companion study the right side of my ribs started to hurt. But it is all for but a moment. Come, come, ye saints.

Day 80 4/30/19
We had mission president interviews. The first time we went tracting I forgot my name tag so we had to go back and get it, this led to a series of events that unfolded wonderfully and we found people that said we could come by and we handed out a Book of Mormon (good book, I recommend it, and follow the promise in the introduction second to last paragraph. Following those steps makes it better).
I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God, because of this knowledge Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and thus this is Christ's Church restored in the fullest to the earth. The Book of Mormon is the first of many modern-day revelations, I testify that prophecy has not ended in our day. I serve because I know that this work is true and anyone who says otherwise has been decieved. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Day 81 5/1/19
Today we went to the temple, it was smaller than I thought it would be.
I'm not mad, just disappointed we had to take a picture.
We went tracting and met some atheists. We had two lessons the first one went well and for the second. Well the guy either was high or he has some mental disorder, our next lesson with him we may stop teaching him. I also decided to read the Bible because everyone keeps telling us to and that through that I will know the gospel.

Day 82 5/2/19
Today we helped a lady unload a U-haul, she wasn't to interested in the Gospel but we gave her a pamphlet about the Gospel. Today I met an anthropologist which was an atheist, it was a strange contact. We went on splits for some lessons we had and all of them canceled.

Day 83 5/3/19
We contacted the Anthropologist, his name is Lee. He said to Google his name, I'm flattered I got to share the gospel with someone who's name comes up on a Google search. Long story short he said he was open minded and that he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon, or discuss any religion. It was fascinating. Anyway it was a waist of 15 minutes. We set up a lesson before with a lady who was interested.

84 5/4/19
Saturday is a special day its the day we go on exchanges before Sunday. My trainer left me in charge of the area and Elder Lindstrom and I worked the area. Elder Lindstrom has been out for almost 5 months and I have been out for almost 3. We survived, we had one lesson and got bashed once and had many things fall through. All in all it was a great experience and I learned that I am not yet ready to be a senior companion. But I did learn that the only thing that stops missionaries from being great is the taunts and boasts of lesser missionaries, is what stops missionaries from being great. Like crabs in a bucket. But I refuse to be like them, for God needs me on a mission so badly that I can not waist it being average, or less.

Day 85 5/5/19
Today was fast Sunday and we actually had lessons with members, it was awesome. We got fed dinner twice, and things are going well. We have a list of 5 missionary lessons for members based off of Elde Uchtdorf's talk from last conference. Which was originally named the Choose your own adventure lesson, but I renamed it to the Uchtdorf Chronicles, volumes 1-5.


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