April 15, 2019


French Valley Ward, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

april 15, 2019

Day 59 4/8/19
P-day, this p-day we went to the stake center for P-day. Very sad many missionaries will be transferred elsewhere.

Day 60 4/9/19
Today started out like any other day. But when it came too contacting people we had to ride our bikes up some hills with a headwind for 20 minutes to start doing missionary work. As the day went on a pain in my side around my shoulder blade gradually became more painful until I was only able to take partial breaths before wincing with pain. We were given two big bottles of water that I put into my bag because that was the only bag they would fit in. So on the ride back even in my, struggling state I told my companion I will ride with my own bag so he wouldn't have to have the heavy one. Long story short, prayer works live the word of wisdom. We returned to the apartment and I promptly struggled to breathe for a good 20 minutes or so. Eventually I was able to breathe again. We also found 3 people who expressed interest. Also pictures. We live in the Dakota apartment complex. And here is a Tesla S.

Day 61 4/10/19
Today we went to zone welcome and a lot more missionaries than I thought got transferred, but the new ones are promising. We biked not as far as yesterday and we found a person with interest.

Day 62 4/11/19
Today we did service at a food pantry. I think that is what it was. We left to go to a lesson that canceled on us.
But I saw these metal things on a trailer and they look cool. Also here's me in my rain coat.

Day 62 4/12/19
We went contacting and we met this guy named, Doug he is Lutheran. He was working on two dirt bikes a 200cc and a 250cc (I don't know what that means either, but the bigger the number the bigger and faster the bike) he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said he would read it. I met the first person from Calvary Chappal that was not so nice, but still not rude. We biked a lot, and used our car some.
Here is a picture of a road.

Day 63 4/13/19
I didn't write anything but, stuff happened. I also this.

64 4/14/19
Today we had an investigator come to church which was cool. We had two lessons with members. I know that Jesus lives and that his atonement was for each of us. That through it we are saved from the fall and [if we choose] can live with God and Jesus forever.


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