April 8, 2019


French Valley Ward, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

Well I prayed for humility

Day 52 4/1/19
P-day. Saw a Lamborghini.
I also forgot that the people who fed us on Saturday fed us at a pool, which is against mission rules. Then on Sunday during a ward council on missionary work the same family tells the entire ward that we went to a pool party. So that was interesting. I may be coming home early. (That coming home part is a joke that could happen)

Day 53 4/2/19
Today is Tuesday and we had district council and we were taught how to go around logs (basically when people say they are not interested or they already have a church and we ignore whatever they said and keep talking) After learning how to do this we went tracting and got 3 return appointments and 1 possible return appointment as well as a possible service opportunity. We met a cool senior couple who let us in and gave us water, they weren't interested. But they said that if they needed their backyard weeded they would give us a call their names were Tim and Dorina they had four white well behaved dogs and my soul anguished that they didn't want to hear our message. But I have faith, that we will teach them. Also animals go to heaven. Revelations 5:11-14 and D&C 77:3, so it's in the bible, convert your friends with this new found knowledge.
Also we went out to wine country where no one was interested (poor souls) but the views were nice. And our car got 11111 miles. Also here is a picture of me in a rain coat.

54 4/3/19
Today we biked and I learned that I like having a car. I saw a snail with the shell
And we tought a lady the restoration and explained how our church is different. We tracted and found a person who was interested in, how to keep their spirit alive in this world.

Day 55 4/4/19
Today we did service for a member and helped them level a patch of dirt so he could put a playground on it. We got to use a pickax and, it reminded me of a song my brother listened to (I think it was, I owe my soul to the company store) some old song about working in a coal mine. It's okay if you don't know what in talking about my brother will know. We tracted and taught a nice man most of the restoration on the door step and gave him a Book of Mormon. We found another person who agreed to let us come and teach them.

Day 56 4/5/19
We had two lessons cancel on us, that was fun. We had a very good lesson with a person with interest and their wife. They are the Adoms family, and they have five dogs. We went on a blitz in the sisters area. We met an agnostic couple and pulled weeds with them and Elder Molen talked to Patrick (agnostic gentleman) he said he wouldn't convert, while he smoked a cigarette and drank some alchohol. He said we were an answer to a pray and that we showed up at just the right time.

Day 57 4/6/19
So at 10pm yesterday we got the transfer papers, and Elder Molen and I are now only covering French Valley ward. This means we don't get to teach 6 people in Lake Skinner ward. There are 4 people we are teaching in French Valley though. It's General conference, and that speaks for itself. Today we mourned with those that mourn, we contacted a returning member who is a police officer. One of his police friends died that day and we shared scripture and I opened my mouth and the spirit worked through me to bear a testimony and a promise that their is comfort in the scriptures. Anyway it was sad, so on a brighter note I think someone had a birthday this week. (but then again I do suffer from amnesia and am in my, opinion forgetful)

Day 58 4/7/19
Today is Sunday. Check out this story I found on FamilySearch:
The rumors that come around General conference, everything from 18 month missions to the Word of wisdom being removed. Frankly all of the rumors have one thi g in common, if they change this it will make my life comfortable. I liked the conference talk by Elder Holland that was about being reverent in the chapel. I liked it because the bishop in Williston talked about this subject and got the same result the first presidency got, People saying "no" which is absurd to me. The fact of the matter is, the spirit is easier to hear and feel in a reverent atmosphere. But today I got to see the black cat again for the last time.


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