April 1, 2019


French Valley and Lake Skinner Wards, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

very interesting week

Day 45 3/15/19
P-day. We went to a chiropractor who is a convert and he adjusts missionarys for free. We had an area picnic we grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and there was much rejoicing. I found the video I have sought much to watch. (“If They Harden Not Their Hearts”)

Day 46 3/25/19
Tuesday trainer follow up. Met Elder Fuller at the church building with the mission office, where the trainer follow-up was taking place. (He took a picture mom so you can ask his mom for it on p-day.) There was also an Elder Gibson not sure if my parents have a knowledge of Gibson's. The trainer follow up went well. There are many rumors speculating General conference, I will not state them here (or anywhere). Having much fun doing missionary work. I have been told a lot during today that I am a great teacher. I would not say I am a great teacher.

Day 47 3/26/19
Today we tracted into a member of Calvary Chapel (the church that is notorious for bashing us) she was super nice and didn't bash us. I still have yet to be bashed.

Day 48 3/27/19
Went on exchanges with Elder Mitchell (Elder Bonds companion) we tracted alot, helped a lady sweep her padio. We walked along way away from the lady we swept her padio. We walked by a busy road with a median (i think that is what the cement thing done the middle of the road that separates oncominig and the other flow of traffic) We walked around the corner at a stop light to go to a neighborhood and then a car crash happened 10 seconds later. No one died, Elder Mitchell and I helped get the man out of the car that was on its roof, I told him to go sit down on a bench. Then a bunch of people showed up. Someone started asking the guy all the EMT questions and the lady in the other car was fine. So we left.
The markers are the median (I think) lighter is the bench, dime is the guy from the upside down car, the quarter is me, the nickel is Elder Mitchell, the penny is the lady from the non flipped duck and the cards are the sidewalk. When the crash happened we were on the end of the card at the top left. We didn't see how it happened we saw what happened.

Day 49 3/29/19
Its Friday. Elder Molen is leaving me to ho to MLC (I don't know what it is either) but I get to go on exchanges with another district leaders companion but only till 7ish PM. Exchanges went well, we contacted an Indian woman who gave us a hour and a half long sermon about Jesus. We told her we can get her a Book of Mormon in (whatever language they speak in India).

Day 50 3/30/19
Today we pulled weeds for 2 hours.
And got more Thai food
I saw many a lizard
We taught Mike the Plan of Salvation, and tried to answer any questions he had. He doesn't think baptism in water is necessary, but through God all things are possible. I have faith that Mike will be baptized and that he will never fall away. I will stand as a witness that this gospel is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and martyred for the cause of bringing forth Christ's church. The Book of Mormon is a testament of Jesus Christ and though I can not answer every question brought against it I know that if it could be disproved it would have been by now! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

Day 51 3/31/19
Today we fasted making it official that we broke mission rules and fasted more than two Sundays in a month. Also I noticed that the parking lot lights in the church parking lot are super short.
We got free bread and one of the Ward is pushing really hard for member missionary work. So that's awesome, I also got to see the cat
So that was fun. We had dinner with a member who gave us all the food we need for a week.
And dessert, then we got another dessert after a Come follow me lesson.

Sadly even though the three Elders on my right are Assistant to the President and I am standing next to them I am not one, oh and Elder Parret is in this picture too. Also I met Mason fuller

We found a couch and this one is before we found the couch


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