March 18, 2019


French Valley and Lake Skinner Wards, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

March 18,2019

Day 31 3/11/19
Monday was P-day

Day 32 3/12/19
Had zone conference learned how to teach repentance and had waffles. We went tracting and I was awkward at most of my door contacts, but I am getting better. Also our lesson fell through. So we went and gave back some Tupperware to a member. They gave us a bag of cheese puffs and a banana smoothie. They told us about their missionary experiences and invited another person to come to church.

Day 33 3/13/19
Wednesday, had our only appointment cancel. But during tracting I saw lizards and got a picture of a view.
We got a new recliner that we had to clean sand off of.

Day 34 3/14/19
We helped out at a food pantry, then got In-n-out
Then went to a members house and pulled weeds for an hour and a half. Then went and tought two lessons. We taught three people at the first one. A mom named Tiffany and her two daughters Sky age 8, and Nevaeh age 11. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and they said that they wanted to go to church and that they would pray to know if they want to be baptized. Tiffany didn't say to much. We went to our next lesson with Tanisha who listened to our lesson but didnt want to commit to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Anyway I am really settling in to this missionary life.

Day 35 3/15/19
I recomend the conference talk, Fundamental Principles to Ponder and Live by Spencer W. Kimball. October 1978. I went on an exchange with Elder Taylor.

Day 36 3/16/19
Woke up late. Went and played ultimate frisbee for exercise time, showed up late. Ate breakfast and started contacting, nothing special happened before noon. Elder Taylor is really good at talking to everyone and I want to be like him. We contacted Jerry. Jerry races motorcycles and he and I talked about crashing. (Many thanks Joseph there is no sarcasm or resentment in that, I am not kidding chumbucket thank you so much) Jerry was super elect and was very open to the gospel and will probably be baptized in a month. He promised to read the Book of Mormon and to pray. Elder Taylor tought the restoration to him on the door step. We did more contacting and got told no a lot so humility in all things but the church is true and if you read ponder and pray about the scriptures then you will come closer to God and Jesus Christ and you will never fall away.

Day 37 3/17/19
Sunday, we fasted, and went to the house with the black cat. I got the angina pectoris around 4 PM and it hasn't gone away. I called the mission Nurse the Zone leaders and the Mission doctor (in that order). I got a blessing and the doctor said that it's a musculoskeletal problem that should go away in 24 hours. I discovered that the recovery position cures the pain I have from breathing.


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