February 26, 2019


French Valley and Lake Skinner Wards, Temecula Stake


Elder Molen

March 4, 2019

Day 18 2/26/19
Today started with vomiting then packing then vomiting again. I am afraid. I took a nap, wept and vomited. I still feel sick, we got on a bus and then a train then train then a plane. We got on the plane and departed, 34,000 feet up going 458 mph and it is -70 outside. We are flying over Arizona. I have acquired half a can of Sprite and a kind bar. The kind bar will not be eaten and the Sprite will be sipped only when the food cart has moved. Here are pictures.

Day 19 2/27/19
Wednesday, Elder Moler (My trainer) and I went to training, skipped the driving part because we had an appointment to go to. They reschedule on us as we drove there. Our mission car is a Toyota 2018, Corolla, I am a pro at standing behind the car as my companion backs out. I am serving in Temecula in the French Valley ward and the lake skinner ward. We went tracting and found one person who said we could come back sometime. There are so many Priuse or priuie for plural I can't take that many pictures. So I'll do Teslas instead.

Day 20 2/28/19
We had zone welcome, one sister from the MTC is in my zone. We had Indian buffet that was mediocre and then went shopping, I counted 57 Prius (still don't know what the plural of Prius is) that was at 2PM. I also deleted a dot from the Area book planner. By 8:34 we saw 64 plural Prius. A quote that I came up with while tracting is, "No blinds, bold." Set up an appointment. I put up the calendars I have, I can plan for three months.
Day 21 3/01/19
Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep saw 103 plural Prius (or priui pronounced pre-eye, a group is called a prion) I am done counting priui. We moved mulch, for service. Also came across this gem.
This is a strange place. We had a door slammed in our face exciting.

Day 22 3/02/19
Got free breakfast, for zone breakfast with the steak presidency. We moved furniture for and broke off base beams at a members house for service. I made lunch, and messed up ramon noodles.
Went and had a lesson with someone who had questions about the Book of Mormon. Also had another lesson that lasted 2 hours. Had pizza and brownies at a members house because they fed us.


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