March 11, 2019


French Valley and Lake Skinner Wards, Temecula Stake


Elder Mullon

March 4-March 9, 2019

Day 24 3/04/19

P-day also called Monday. Played football and ultimate frisbee. Then hung out at the church for long time. I got a rain coat and some books, I will be sending home. Saw a red Prius

Day 25 3/05/19

Tuesday, we had district council, I forgot my suit coat. Elder Bonds brought me one. We helped a part member family move for 4.5 hours. We got a free toaster oven, and I helped destroy one of their cabinets that they didn't want. I was also given a bike.
The big dogs did not tear us, and the lord proved away for us to enter a gated complex in less than 60 seconds. We were blessed with water, that comes in a bottle and met Jake a really cool member and his small bulldog.

Day 26 3/06/19
Did service at a food pantry, stacked milk crates. After we went to a burrito place, and heared an exorcism story from Elder Mitchell. Then we went back to the apartment and found out it's our fridge that screams.

Day 27 3/07/19
Thursday, it isn't supposed to rain today. Found out I could get cancer from our apartment.
Lunch we made toasted sandwiches
We went by a member that had "Do not contact" on their dot on area book, so Elder Molen and I talked about inviting them to be excommunicated. Because if they do not contact means that they want to only argue how they think the church is wrong, or try to destroy our testimonies. I am not an arbiter of inactive member's Salvation, and their inactivity may stand as a testament against them.We went tracting and saw some bats, handed out a book of Mormon, met an atheist and a guy that said go away then slammed the door in our face. So that was fun.

Day 28 3/08/19
Placed a Book of Mormon. I have been here for nine days it is currently 48°F with the wind chill it is 45°F and I am freezing. I also talked with the zone leaders about inviting "Do not contact" members to be excommunicated and they said don't do it so I will not invite them to be excommunicated. As it is not our purpose as missionaries. We shall invite them to repent and return.

Day 29 3/09/19
We had a lesson with Mike. He has been pouring over the pages of the Book of Mormon and comparing it with the bible and giving us a run for our money explaining some of the things he says conflicte with the bible. But he said that if he gets an answer from the spirit of it being true, he says he will be baptized. Grilled cheese equals patience.

Day 30 3/10/19
We had stake conference. Learned about Jesus. Grew my testimony more, so that it will not and can not be shaken. I recommend the conference talk by Elder Holland called Safety for the Soul, from October 2009 conference.


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