February 19, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Gardener

week 2 (2/12-2/18)

Day 7: 2/12/19
Pday. We woke yo at 6:30 then took a two hour nap. We did laundry and wrote home. The Australians will do something tomorrow, I will get pictures. Elder Gardener says he want's a blessing of comfort. Elder Suarez came and gave a talk about, Obedience Obedience
Obedience is the first law of heaven. Missionary hand book page 4 very end of the page. John 14:15,16
We have the authority to be a missionary but to have power as a missionary we must be righteous.
Give thanks
God grants us success
Bear testimony as often as you can.
Then we had a district meeting. Where we went over what we learned. Elder Astle gave Elder Gardener a blessing of comfort and I felt the spirit so strongly, I know that God loves us so much that he gave us the priesthood so we can bless using his power I know this with all the fiber of my being, I say this in the name of Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer Amen.

Day 8 2/13/19
Did service at 6:30. We had TRC and it was not the best, it was a train wreck, no false doctrine so it wasn't the worst. Lunch was chicken alfredo. We also discussed not letting the cat into the residents and somehow from that Elder Davis said something about cat milk and now he is the Elder known for drinking cat milk. Afternoon class we went over how to plan a lesson and how to teach members to share the gospel with their friends. At dinner I met an Elder Hall who is going to Bismark North Dakota, so keep an Eye out (Mom). Also at dinner Elder Hunt (lives in residents R8) smuggled 5 bananas into his coat so he can have a snak because we have dinner way to early (4:30). Elder Thornton (The Australian) the original letting the cat in R8 and the Elder carrying on the welcome to the MTC initiation thing (The strange Australian ceremony). It's a welcome to the MTC thing, ice breaker. It should happen tonight. "Welcome to the empty sea" is the slogan on Wednesday because anyone with an orange dot on their name tag must be told these words. For personal study (7:00-8:00 pm) was spent debating where the Book of Mormon took place. The summary of it is, Elder Gardener and Elder Astle believe that it took place exclusively too the great lakes area, and the only leg he has to stand on is that when Joseph Smith said it takes place in North America and central America, that Joseph Smith referred to Central America as central U.S. and not Central America (Panima and Mexico area). In short all of Personal study was waisted and until someone digs up Joseph Smith making a reference to Central America it will always be a point of Contention between Elder Gardener and Astle and Elder Davis and anyone else who thinks Central America is what it is and not Central U.S. The Australians did their welcome to the MTC thing, it was funny and Elder Thornton did well. I went to Elder Jameson's (one of the zone leaders) room after the debate started up in the room next to ours. I feel like it's my fault because if I hadn't read the book of Jarom I feel like it wouldn't have happened. The debate drives the spirit away in the blink of an eye. 3 Nephi 11:29 talks about it. I retired for the night at 10:30 No scripture stories were told, my heart does ache because of this matter.

Day 9: 2/14/19

I arose at 6:30 and went through my morning routine and finished by 6:50. My heart still mourns over the contention I have brought. I spent most of the morning in the Zone leaders room trying to share a video from the Auzi welcome. No one has mentioned it but I still don't feel comfortable with my roommates. Had breakfast, learned it is valentine's day so the overcast and drizzling rain fit this day perfectly, it's a holiday I don't care for. Class was good we had TRC and taught Jared about the plan of Salvation, we meet with him on Saturday and we teach Joe about the plan of Salvation on Friday. No one has brought up the debate so far so today isn't as awful. Lunch was good (ham and cheese sandwiche chips and a cookie) Elder Gardener got a valentine's day package, but the cat is no where near R8 she is over by the MTC store. I was given a bag of sour skittles and it reminded me of the time I fed 3 year old Jeramia a small hand full and it was his first time eating sour candy (Priceless). In afternoon class we did a group lesson with a person roleplaying as an investigator. But there was a reference to the debate made by Elder Astle to Elder Gardener and that just killed the spirit for me, it happened right before I went in to teach so I feel like I wasn't as effective as I could have been. Our teacher Sister Seable (pronounced say bell) shared some mission stories, and the spirit was so strong but then the debate was mentioned again I feel guilty about it. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how our testimony is our most powerful conversion took. We went to lunch and it was alright, we exercise for 50 minutes, Elder Jameson and I went back to the residents before everyone else. We had companion study and Elder Gardener and I can't quite seem to see eye to eye when it comes to teaching Joe, I want to focus on the questions he asked last time we met and he wants to explain the rest of the Plan of Salvation. I was writing the lesson plan for the Atonement and through the spirit I found 2 Nephi 9 which is all about the Atonement. All in all this day was not the best (Because it was valentine's day)

Day 10: 2/15/19
Yesterday everyone was talking about how we needed to get up on time so when I got up at 6:30 I turned the room light on. It was very affective. We tought our TRC investigator for the last time it went well. Now we get to teach Jared about the Plan of Salvation. I got a package, the debate hasn't come up and it's not valentine's day so today is infinitely better. I'm starting to miss being able to go places alone, and Elder Gardener is great and all but not all the time. Here's the cat that must not be let inside.
I want a language change, I want to speak Persian or Spanish, but it isn't about what I want. It's about what the lord desires me to do. Here are pics from the Auzi thing.
Elder Nerdin, and Elder Hunt came into our room and we talked for a good long while, Elder Hunt plays all kinds of video games and we talked about them till lights out. Lifted my spirits and gave me joy, to know that there are missionarys who weren't just sportsmen.

Day 10: 2/15/19
I threw away the small pile of boxes that had accumulated next to the garbage at the door of my bed, I may have left the residents without my companion to take them to the dumpster but that's just speculation. My companion doesn't know how to walk on ice. Morning class was good, we talked about the restoration and apostasy. TRC with Jared went well. We studied 1 Nephi 13 after TRC. I have a package from home, I haven't opened it yet. Eldet Astle and Elder Davis aren't getting along that well. Mostly Elder Astle is tired of his companions antics. But they get along well enough. Genesis 32:24 is what the Elders did as a zone in our residents. A very wonderful end to a wonderful day.

Day 11: 2/17/19

Sunday, I helped bless the sacrament, and then taught priesthood. Well I learned today to open my mouth and proclaim the gospel. But I fill this day with the account of the day I was prompted to serve a mission. In the black hills is where this took place, My uncle took us on an adventure involving dirt bikes and ATVs. I was on an ATV with my brother, we traversed the trails and taking in the views. It was while enjoying one of these views that a thought entered my head. It said "When you crash, there is nothing you can do." My brother was driving. Something about a left turn and missing a turn. But alas we found our way to a dirt road. This is where I saw the hand of God direct my life. Some how some way a race commenced. My dearest brother Joseph accelerated to 45 miles per hour. This is the time when my uncle drove his motorcycle in front of us to get my brother to slow down. My brother reacting not with the breaks but with a swerve sent he and I sailing off of the ATV as it rolled, I came to a rest staring at the sky, struggling for breath. My uncle appeared at my side asking if I was hurt, I was not more was my brother. We rolled the ATV back onto it's wheels and continued to camp without incident. The rest of the night and the next day I felt strongly impressed to serve a mission. And I make an end.

Day 12: 2/18/19
Monday. Nothing out of the ordinary, Elder Hunt left
Elder hunt is the one on my left with glasses, Elder Davis is between us Elder Gardener is on Elder Davis' right and Elder heaven is in the back, and the leg is Elder Astle's.
View from the 6th floor of the teaching building.
This is the Auzi thing, Elder Thornton (middle, Elder Bowlser is on Thornton's left and Elder Nerdin is on his right.
This is Elder Thornton blowing the bubbles of mate ship on Elder Burkholder.


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