February 12, 2019


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Elder Gardener

Group Email Week 1

Day 1: 2/6/19
So I guess by the end of this there will be over 600 of these. Well i got dropped off at the MTC tied the naught and jumped, can't go back now. Tried my best not to cry after I got dropped off. I found my way around alright they told me everywhere to go and what to do. Got to about lunch before I became so home sick I almost vomited after eating half a roll. It was a very spiritual day I felt the spirit alot and had too fight back the urge to cry alot. I have too write a talk for tomorrow and meet with someone about something. I am in doom room R8 and they have a strange astralian thing. I'll have too try and get a picture of they do it again but that's about all that happened today. The church is true and I'm starting too feel glad that I've decided to do this. Anyway tomorrow should be something.

Day 2: 2/7/19
Today we (elder Gardener) and I went to the MTC book store and got the zippy thing and the clippy thing. Costed around $8 we then went to class and had a wonderful lesson about the conversion process. We then had a workshop about who we are supposed to be looking for and how to better help ourselves find people to invite and help. Lunch was nothing special, just bbq pork with rice and some kind of salad. My companion and I then studied over 3 Nephi 27: 13-22 and learned that the savior is the light of the world and that it is his church, and if we have faith, repent, and are baptized and endur to the end we shall have eternal life. We went to another workshop after the study and learned that we are to not teach and preach but invite and help others come unto Christ. We also learned that everything we want an investigator to do we ourselves must be doing. We went to dinner and I had rice and beans. A hardy meal but filling. Elder Gardener and I then worked together to write a 5 minute discussion on 3Nephi 27: 13-22 with the main meat of the discussion was about versus 19-21. Afterwards we went to a meeting where we met with the branch president and got assigned callings. Elder Gardener is now the district leader and I am one of three Elders called to be a sacrament coordinator. After that we retired for the night

Day 3: 2/8/19
Woke up at 6:13 but lay in bed till 6:28 so as to not wake the Elders in my room. Elder Astle and Elder Davis are companions and the other sacrament coordinators for our district. We (Elder Gardener and myself) share a room with them. For breakfast I ate life cereal and two peices of toast. We went to our first class and we combined with another district. Together we learned how to start a genuine conversation with someone and how to listen for things in the other person's life that may help us invite them to come unto Christ. We ( Elder Gardener and I) personally (independently) studied the Book of Mormon, looking for verses that talk about prayer and faith. We then went to lunch I had leftover tilapia from a previous meal. We then went back to the class room (room 205) and learned how to get information about people's religious beliefs and see if we could share a message, we also covered how to plan a lesson. After class it was dinner time and we (Our district) had pizza. I met an Elder Carroll (I think that's his name) and he had been in the MTC for 6 weeks because he is learning Japanese he leaves in 4 weeks to Tokyo. We then changed and exercised, I rode a stationary bike for 6.1 miles. We then went to personal study and I reviewed 2 Nephi 32:8-9, Romans 8:16, Psalms 19:7, and Moroni 10:4-5. Elder Gardener and I then worked on planning a writing the lesson for our investigator who is our morning class instructor just under a different name. (It's like a test)

Day 4: 2/9/19
Yesterday from 9:50 too 10:30 Elder Davis and I discussed Zechariah 5, and I still don't understand what is being said but now I want to do that same study with Isaiah. This morning for breakfast I had cereal toast ham and eggs with hashbrowns. It's cloudy today here is the view from 205's window to the Northwest.
There once was flags on the poles and sunny but by once I mean yesterday.
We tought Jerad (our TRC person) our lesson about prayer and faith, it went alright. We then went over the first and second discussions met with a guy called Joe who wants to know where his grandfather is and now I need to find the Discourses of Brigham Young. To confirm that the spirit world us around us. I biked 7.4 miles during exercise time. I learned why there is a sign on the doors to our residents that says don't let or bring the cat in. 6 weeks ago at the least some Elders brought the cat that can be found wandering around the MTC's walk ways. The Elders not only brought the cat in the residents they also gave the cat the priesthood, (or so the rumors say) the elders were sent home and now there is a sign on only R8's doors saying to not bring the cat in.

Day 5: 2/10/19
Today Elder Gardener and I went to a meeting at 7:10. Don't know what the meeting was about but I missed breakfast. We had sacrament meetings and the topic was about baptism and prayer. I helped take down the sacrament, and then went to class. We learned about how to deal with home sicknesses. After that we went to lunch and immediately after lunch a companion ship of sisters got separated from each other. That was a concern for the district until the lost sister showed up. We had a priesthood lesson about the apostasy and restoration and why it's important. The sisters found each other but had to meet with the old district leaders. We had a personal study and I felt impressed to plan my lesson too teach Joe about the Plan of Salvation. After the private study we then went to a seminar about not dating the sisters in the MTC after that we went to dinner. After dinner we had personal study, I read the rest of the missionary handbook. We then went to a devotional about something, and then watched a talk by Elder Bednar for missionarys. After we went back to our residents and showed then went to sleep.

Day 6: 2/11/19
I put on a new tie today. Had breakfast (cereal toast pancakes). Then had class, we learned how to make reading the scriptures and discussing doctrine and making it simple to understand. I bought tide pods after class and other things like a comb. Elder Gardener and I had a TRC lesson to give. Before the lesson we had a companion inventory. The TRC went well and we covered all of the investigator's (Joe's) question. He wanted to know where his deceased grandfather was and what he was doing. He also wanted the spirit world described so he could imagine it. A daunting question, but after studying Teaching of the President Brigham Young chapter 38 the third paragraph under "The spirit of the dead go to the spirit world" wich has an excerpt from the Journals of discourse we were able to answer Joe's question and then explain more about the spirit world using scriptures from preach my gospel. We had lunch and then went to a workshop. Elder Gardener told a set of sisters in our district that we had another TRC before a workshop and now their schedule is off but should be normal after the workshop. I am committed to being a missionary and I will show it by following the mission rules with exactness. And I will baptize if God gives alows. The workshop is about being a better missionary and baptism. We had lunch, nothing special. Then we went to our afternoon class we learned about how to teach repentance simply and why it is important. At the end of Class Elder Gardener vomited over the door, floor, garbage can, and his suit and tie. I got up and followed him to the bathroom after Elder Davis asked "why don't you go take your Eldsr to the bathroom." And I did but once we were there I had time to think and reflect about what happened and I realized I didn't care that he vomited I didn't care that he didn't feel well. Security come and talk to him, we could have gone to the BYU medical clinic but Elder Gardener said "no" so now unfortunately I can't email my parents saying that I'm out side the MTC or in the ER. Elder Gardener feels better now. I consecrated some oil today, that was a very good experience. Read the book of Jarom to my roommates and then Elder Gardener and Elder Davis and Eldear Heaven (the zone leader, who was in our room because the front desk called Elder Gardener to see if he still wanted to go to the medical clinic. He said "no" again so now I can't email my family saying I'm in the medical clinic at the MTC.) They all started arguing over where the Book of Mormon took place and Elder Astle and Myself watched and invited one of the Missionarys in the next room over in to learn about "deep doctrine." That elder ate a cupcake and listened to the argument for 5 minutes before saying how awesome we all were. The elders argued till lights out 10:30 so about 20 minutes. All I have to say is, I am so glad that there is never a dull moment.
From Elder Mattson


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